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25 thoughts on “10 Tips to Get Scholarships – AdviceFromJustin

  1. Can you please make a video about online scholarships websites? If so then
    I think you for your time and help. 

  2. hi
    i am sarthak from india ! . i wish yo pursue my UG in HARVARD UNIVERSITY
    !! i not strong at the financial side . i am a student of grade 9 . i want
    to know more upon how to build my profile for harvard . 

  3. My daughter will be a Junior in HS this August and this was very helpful.
    Thank you! A video on things you can do to help your chances on getting a
    scholarship would be most helpful! (volunteer, extra c. etc.) 

  4. Michelle Angelica April 28, 2015 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    I just finished my first semester In college and I totally agree with
    Justin, apply for fafsa, early into your senior year.. the faster you will
    be notified wether you are awarded or now. I did mine last minute out of
    pure laziness and was given $9,000 for two semesters from fafsa and others
    that are connected to them too! Totally worth all the paper work

  5. Justin you’re helpful and get right to the point. I’m a hs senior so I hope
    you can make more videos for students.

  6. Lee Young Yae 이영예 April 28, 2015 at 9:51 pm - Reply

    We all love you Justin and April 🙂 I watch your vlog every day 🙂 you are
    amazing keep it up 🙂 Love and regards from India 🙂 [ I know you like
    indian cuisine lolz 😛 ] 

  7. Also to get more information on scholarships check out the local public
    library. They have a book( I forgot what it is called) on all the
    scholarships out there.Just as the librarian of course. It includes
    deadlines, requirements and it also have info on sponsors.

  8. Thank you for encouraging the FAFSA! I work in financial aid so that was
    really nice to hear. When filling out the FAFSA, be sure to keep track of
    your particular state’s priority deadline! You can still fill out the FAFSA
    after any deadlines, but depending on your school, you might only be
    considered for remaining aid, if any. Also, always check with your school’s
    Financial Aid Department or website because many scholarship organizations
    will send information directly to them.

  9. College prowler is another great website where u can learn about
    scholarships and about schools u might be interested in

  10. You should make a video on how to improve your communication skills! The
    way how you speak is so educated!

  11. Hey justin can you do a video all about marketing. I am starting college in
    the fall with the hopes of majoring in marketing. it would be great to
    learn more about it and kinda the ends and outs of the career choice! Also
    if you have any tips about marketing in college( im not sure if you
    actually majored in marketing in college lol). Thank you! Have a great

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