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21 thoughts on “5 Easy & Fast Breakfast ideas for School!

  1. I missed your faces. A LOT. Seriously I think I started to get separation
    anxiety or something.
    I loooooove my motafam 🙂 you guys are the best. reading your comments
    right now! xoxoxo

  2. i kinda wish beth didn’t become super famous now she has no time to make
    videos cauz of all the other opportunities she’s gotten

  3. Been Beth’s fan since… I don’t even remember and.. Are you kidding me?
    90% percent of you are sooo clueless. You are basically telling Beth to go
    back to being miserable and stop doing what she wants to. For example if
    you were a dancer. Like a really good dancer. And you’ve been training for
    years and years, soon you are going to open your very own dance studio. How
    exciting. Then everyone’s starting telling you no, you don’t deserve it.
    “It’s your teacher that got you there, be more thankful and don’t do
    anything that will make you a better dancer!”. “Go back to beginners
    classes or even, stop dancing in general… ”
    YOU people, are the reason I am rapidly losing faith in humanity, respect
    and encouragement. You disgust me.

    P.S Beth, you are doing awesome! Keep it up! 🙂 <3

  4. You don’t deserve the amount of subscribers and views you have for the
    amount of videos you post. There are hard working youtubers who need more
    recognition that don’t get it and they post regularly. 

  5. I tried the pancakes and they were gross, they were a grey colour and not
    pancake texture at all, they were kind of wet and I tried to cook them even
    more and they were properly cooked but they were just gross, I tried them
    twice and they turned out the same, anyone know why ??

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