ASMR Softly-Spoken Advice: Getting through a divorce or break-up

I’ve learned that some of you go to ASMR to mend heartbreak and I think it’s a really positive way to find comfort in hard times. Here, I give you my advice, though I’m obviously no expert….
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25 thoughts on “ASMR Softly-Spoken Advice: Getting through a divorce or break-up

  1. Just as an FYI, I went through my divorce years and years ago and am very
    at peace with it. But, when I read a few of you were dealing with divorce,
    I felt it was time to be open about how I got through it, in case it helps
    heal anyone else. Like I said, I’m sending out extra love to anyone feeling
    like they need a little more right now <3

  2. I hate to say I sometimes envy those who go through breakups. I used to
    like this girl when I was 14 or so. She showed interest in me for a week..
    at most. She realized I was a pretty bad catch very quickly. Anyway, now
    i’m 30. I still know her. Shes married now. I haven’t dated a day in my
    life since then, and oddly enough, i’ve been waiting for her. I’m waiting
    for someone who is married, in the hopes that somehow it doesn’t work, she
    finds me again (I say finds, I mean, I know her, she just doesn’t talk to
    me since then), and maybe likes me back.

    and I know that’s not going to happen.. years pass like days now though,
    and at my age, I realize that i’m never going to date or have a
    relationship. Getting through that is more of an acceptance thing I guess..
    and that’s okay. Accepting it though is starting to cause a lot of damage.
    I don’t change my clothes anymore, I don’t try to look good, its hard to
    remember to brush my teeth, and a lot of people and family around me dying
    or getting sick makes me realize that time is running out. I keep telling
    myself someday ill feel better about this, someday ill be better. Doesn’t
    really though. Not much worse. Sort of stays the same.

  3. accidentallygraceful April 24, 2015 at 9:15 am - Reply

    I’m a sucker for makeovers and movie montages too! This is such good
    advice, all of it.

    Not only are you thoughtful, transparent and beautiful towards your friends
    and viewers, but you are also very brave to help them by sharing your
    experiences, even the painful ones. Thank you for being such a treasure,
    sweetest Spring! 

  4. I love the videos you do where the audience is taught something – be it
    about Formula One, the history of Joy Division/New Order or rhetoric and
    poetry. Learning facts about things I have no real prior knowledge of
    really gets me intrigued and hooked on to what you have to say in an ASMR
    sense. Keep up the good work!

  5. Somewhat recently me and my now ex girlfriend broke up after dating from
    16-23 and it was really brutal to deal with right away, everything reminds
    you of them especially after having dated for close to 8 years. The most
    important advice I could give to anyone is to just try and get through it.
    Time heals all wounds. It sounds cliché but it’s true. 

  6. I’ve haven’t led a very social life. I’m 28 and I’ve only had a handful of
    relationships, mostly empty, shortlived ones. A year ago I met a wonderful
    girl from Toronto online and we instantly connected. We spent most of our
    free time together, really just falling over each other, and as sad as it
    might seem, it was the most rewarding, fulfilling relationship I’ve ever
    had. One day we said our love yous, our goodnights, and the next time I had
    any communication with her was days later, with her telling me that after
    talking with her mother she had realized that being with me was a mistake
    and that we couldn’t be together. It was the most painful, confusing time
    in my life, and honestly, I’m still not completely over it. 

  7. Iam happy to hear you R happy again I have been with my hubby for 21 yrs
    now and married 16 yrs this July it’s not been easy it’s been really hard I
    wish you the very best in your life luv all the way from the uk

  8. Oh man, I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit through this one without
    gettin’ emotional. Regardless, thank you for the upload on the exact
    subject I’ve been struggling with for months. I and I’m sure tons others
    appreciate it, Spring.

  9. I was sexually assaulted in 2012 by a senior at the school I attended.
    It began in early October and ended in mid December when I finally broke
    down in front of my brother and mother.
    My mother contacted school administration and they did nothing about it,
    even though some of the assaults took place on school property. They only
    told him to stop talking to me. That didn’t stop him from staring at me in
    the hallways. He was the first face I saw every morning when I walked
    through the school doors… I had to deal with that guilt and feeling like
    it was my fault until he graduated.
    Shortly after I confessed, I began my first relationship. Sadly, I couldn’t
    have my boyfriend hug me without getting nauseous because I felt that every
    guy was out to hurt me. He broke up with me a few weeks later on the last
    day of school. I was sad at first, but I got over it and we made amends the
    following school year. We’re friends now.
    It took me around two years to finally accept that it happened, and that it
    wasn’t my fault.
    I now have PTSD from the entire experience and it still haunts me to this
    I had two really shitty ex-boyfriends after that. Both of the relationships
    obviously didn’t work out because they were both abusive. I began thinking
    that I deserved the this ridicule and abuse, because for whatever reason I
    thought I was a horrible person.
    Thankfully, that all changed in April 2014. I met my boyfriend, Neal,
    through mutual friends on Facebook. My life has been significantly
    different since. He is someone who really cares about me and I’m really,
    really happy. On the first night we met in person, we stayed out until four
    in the morning just talking about our lives. It was an amazing night.
    I introduced Neal to ASMR when we first began our relationship, which was
    almost nine months ago. I told him about how ASMR produced a tingly
    sensation in the scalp that lingered down your body.
    Neal lived with me for quite some time in the beginning of our relationship
    due to a tumultuous family life (thankfully everything is okay now and he
    has his own apartment!).
    But what I wanted to say is that my boyfriend gets ASMR from me typing on
    my keyboard. I’d normally be in bed at night on my laptop (and he’d either
    be on the other side of my bed or on an air mattress), searching ASMR
    videos and checking Facebook. Well, one night he actually got tingles from
    me typing. To be honest, I was ecstatic because I could share that feeling
    with someone. 🙂
    ASMR has really helped us. He has Gastroparesis and muscular dystrophy, and
    some days he’s in a lot of pain. I remember him asking me one time to go on
    my laptop and start typing things just so he could get tingles and fall
    asleep. He also does the same for me whenever I don’t feel good.
    We really care about each other and it’s so nice to have a significant
    other who loves ASMR as much as I do. 🙂 

  10. Hi Spring.
    I was going to write a good few paragraphs here about my gratitude to you
    for the fantastic videos and uplifting thoughts you give us everyday but it
    ended up getting quite personal and long. Instead I just decided to simply
    point out how amazing you are and how you help each and everyone one of us
    constantly. Thank you being there for us!
    Joe :)

  11. Amen.. the “D” word doesn’t quite roll gracefully off the tongue, and
    having been through this myself once, I empathize with the weight it sets
    on your shoulders at first. Just remember that no matter how terrible or
    hopeless it seems right now, never forget your own worth. The universe has
    a strange way of getting you where you’re going, so keep your light on. In
    the end, I ended up with a wonderful, loving wife who really is my best
    friend, and a beautiful daughter who fell asleep as I was typing this up .
    😉 Embrace the hard lessons of the past, because they’ll help you to be
    better tomorrow. <3

  12. TheOtherSideOfASMR April 24, 2015 at 6:19 pm - Reply

    My solution to heartbreak:
    1. Completely shut down emotionally and live in a bubble. No one can hurt
    you if you’re already dead inside.
    2. Never leave your room. Play lots of video games.
    3. Eat lots of chocolate. Sugar makes everything better.
    4. Be the master of your own domain. Keeps your mind on the important
    things, like boobs and how members of the opposite sex are best thought of
    as objects.
    5. Personal hygiene isn’t as important as people think. Who are we really
    trying to impress?
    6. If someone says you’re pretty, they’re lying and just want in your pants.
    7. Yes, it does make you look fat.
    8. Don’t make eye contact with members of the opposite sex. Unless you do.
    Then don’t break eye contact under any circumstances even when they appear
    to get creeped out. Pepper spray doesn’t hurt as bad as people say.
    9. Nobody likes someone with a personality. If someone asks you a question
    politely gurgle and/or mumble some fake words. If they press you on the
    subject scream “I DON’T KNOW YOU” in their face.
    10. Privacy and personal time isn’t important. Every prospective lover
    wants you to read their emails, facebook messages, twitter and texts. They
    want you to suffocate them and never leave their side even when they have
    to use the washroom. Hold their hand and say “I’ll come with”. Remember,
    love is staring someone straight in their stupid face while they’re poopin’
    so if you want to avoid heartbreak you better step up and do it.

    Also, thank you for sharing. This was a lovely video.

  13. My solution for a breakup? Practice your weapon you are best at and watch
    YouTube. Also, start acting creepily to other people. Act like you are a
    psychopath, unless you actually are, in which case, act normal.

  14. Omg, he sounds like a great guy but you are not satisfied. I think he’s
    better of without you. I hope you learn, but I doubt it. Do you even under
    stand the stress of men?

  15. Christian Knight April 24, 2015 at 8:23 pm - Reply

    +Springbok ASMR Dont mind that woman who was harassing u, using money as an
    excuse. She dont know how it is to have a lot of subs thats why u couldnt
    replay to her.
    I hope u are ok, and u can PM me if u dont feel fine, i hate mean peoples
    who hurt good heart ones.

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