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13 thoughts on “Attorney For Freedom Show with Dr. McDougall

  1. Dr. McDougall didn’t even mention the cancer patients that have been cured
    by following his program! I love him because his ideas free me from
    restricting starches which I love and felt deprived of before I got into
    his program.

    But I must say I disagreed with one thing he said….Even on this diet,
    Bill Clinton has NEVER been handsome in my opinion! Ick!

  2. I love the cartoon with the fat people asking ‘where do you get your
    FYI it is nearly impossible for humans to not get enough protein if they
    are eating enough calories. 

  3. this was a great interview… this is possibly the world’s most important
    topic… dr fuhrman’s approach is undoubtedly superior for the person who
    is actually INTO diet and health… but McDougall’s approach is brilliant
    for the average person, and as a larger scale national solution. all in
    all, they are both fantastic. looking forward to your interview with

  4. I’m an adamant vegan and I support and love Dr. McDougall very much. I own
    and have read the starch solution. He’s right. However, I gotta call him
    out on a fallacy here – the idea that people eat meat because it’s cooked
    and covered with condiments, he’s right to a point but many will rightly
    say “Wait a minute, I can’t eat raw potatoes, I can’t eat raw rice, or raw
    wheat. It has to be processed, and cooked”. The real human diet is fruits
    and soft greens aka Dr. Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 lifestyle

  5. Thanks for this video. Not only was the guest of the highest quality I
    loved how you had these awesome pictures throughout the video.

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