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24 thoughts on “Bacon Pasta Bake – RECIPE

  1. Love your channel, easiest and tastiest food ever! you do a brilliant job,
    easy to understand, and explained so well and love your humor too! x 

  2. Lol sorry I also want to add that I make a dish similar to this the
    difference is I add grilled chicken,sautéed mushrooms, smoked mozzarella,
    lemon pepper, half the amount of Bacon and jarred Alfredo sauce!!! The
    tomatoes with the Alfredo sauce is great and whenever I make it there’s
    NEVER any leftovers!!!

  3. Luuuuv your channel!!! God you make dinner time a breeze! Everything is
    simple but delicious!!!=} I only have one suggestion though for this type
    of recipe undercook the pasta by 1-2 minutes if you want the pasta to
    maintain it’s shape and texture ( and for everyone who wants to leave me a
    snarky comment for daring to suggest anything different please don’t! I’m
    only suggesting this because A LOT of ppl aren’t aware of the difference
    this can make to a dish! It keeps the pasta shape whole so it can hold the
    sauce and flavors better! Cause I noticed in the tutorial the pasta’s
    falling apart as it’s being stirred.) But as for the dish itself it’s great
    and I’m making it tonight!!! Also I’ve told so many ppl about your channel
    and post recipe’s regularly on FB!!! Your the best!!!

  4. Hi One pot chef! I live in Germany and the only bacon available here that i
    can find is American bacon… it is streaky and has alot of fat on it. Is
    that ok to use or would it better with sliced ham?

  5. I love how easy this is! I will try this some time. I made your carbonara
    and it was delicious!!! Thanks, chef! ^_^

  6. just made this chef thank you for the dish will be cooking this again.. and
    thank you for sharing its yummy :-)))

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