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25 thoughts on “Baked Chicken Drumstick Recipe (A Healthy Recipe)

  1. Dwight Davenport April 27, 2015 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    This recipe had me telling the fam i burnt the food tonight sorry and I
    secretly ate it all. PLEASE TRY IT

  2. Dude is just an easy fucking recipe
    God ppl shut the fuck up!
    It’s not like if you guys eat healthy everyday damn bitches quit yo
    Bitching and try it!!
    Thx for the recipe!!

  3. Taking the skin off makes it healthy, yeah but it’s negated with that
    bubbling cauldron of butter. If we ate that much lard everyday we would
    probably all look like Rob Reiner.

  4. This is different for me. Think I’m going to try it right now. Always seen
    it done with eggs and not butter. Great

  5. Thank you for this recipe my family loves it!!! I had lost it and searched
    almost an hour for it until I just found it again. Never again will I lose
    it. Thank you it is excellent!

  6. @athenashawnee729 I am glad you like baked chicken drumstick recipe. We do
    it all the time. It’s fast easy and delicious. I serve the drumsticks with
    rice and our own house hot sauce. I don’t like washing dishes too! lol Vera

  7. At 0:26, she said to preheat the oven at 375 degrees and at 1:52 she said
    to bake the chicken for around 30 minutes.

  8. How many calories? That depends how many people are going to share the
    chicken drumsticks. Butter is healthier than some vegetable oil(read labels
    ) Margarine or crisco.If for any reason you can not consume butter then use
    oil of your choice instead. Mariette

  9. Erm… I think you’ll find, she only used half a stick of butter. making it
    400 calories based on four sticks being 3200. Divide that between 10 drum
    sticks and you have just 40 calories of butter per piece of chicken…
    Sounds pretty moderate to me 🙂

  10. Thank you. I am glad you like the recipe. Butter gives this recipe a unique
    flavor. If butter is not used regularly and in large quantity it’s okay in
    my opinion. I prefer butter to margarine in my cooking. But I use olive oil
    a lot. Olive oil is the only oil (the extra virgin only) which is pressed
    from green olive and is not processed. I have a chart for butter to olive
    oil conversion on my website check it out. Give this recipe a try and share
    your experience with us. Vera

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