Beef Steak (Bistek)- Easy Recipe BenjiManTV

Beef Steak (Bistek)- Easy Recipe BenjiManTV Subscribe 4 Food- ‪‬ Love Food, Follow Me- ‪ Beef Steak is a Easy Quick…‬
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24 thoughts on “Beef Steak (Bistek)- Easy Recipe BenjiManTV

  1. huntingtonparkway April 24, 2015 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    OMG I just looked up how to cook a steak and this came up. Lol,I said where
    do I know these people from and then I realized I knew you guys from your
    wife’s videos.

  2. I just made this and its really good, i also added a little bit of garlic.
    If you dont want it to lemony dont add 5-7 tbs add about 1 lemon. 

  3. BatHunterofDevon April 24, 2015 at 7:52 pm - Reply

    Haha… is your name really Benji Man? That’s funny.
    My first name is Benjamin, and my big sister calls me by my nickname “Benjy

  4. I was looking for a great and easy dish for steaks tonight, and I found
    it?!! Thanks guys!! This is amazing!!

  5. Sounds like his dad is ilocano lol .. he said aya . .. i wanna try to cook
    this way ..thanks for making this video . 

  6. Judy’s mom has lost a lot of weight! She was beautiful then, and is
    beautiful now. She’s really doing an amazing job :)

  7. Arroz caldo please!!! (Congee?) I saw an old vlog were Judy was describing
    it when she was pregnant… Craaaaving it!!

  8. I ate this multiple times in the Philippines and I must admit I feel sorry
    for the cow. This is an efficient way to completely mess up a delicious
    piece of nice meat. Yes, you are right. This is how they like it there. But
    are you not forgetting that most people there have never ever even seen a
    real steak. After living there for a while, I decided to show all my
    friends what a real steak is all about. The result: a nice tender medium
    rare steak. So delicious but nobody liked it!

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