Bethenny Frankel Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast Recipe

Bethenny Frankel Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast Recipe

Celebrity Natural Foods Chef Bethenny Frankel teaches you how to make healthy quick and easy breakfasts. This Brown Rice Breakfast recipe is featured in Bethenny’s NYT best seller Naturally…
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25 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast Recipe

  1. @gargoyl0 you’re right about europe, im american but i moved to spain a few
    years ago and here my soy milk is from normal soy beans, nothing that a lab
    had anything to do with…..its funny bc a lot of food in the US that maybe
    i was a little sensitive to when i lived there, doesnt affect me the the
    same way it did b4 now that i live in spain. are you sure about the
    menopause thing though? that sounds horrible. …… (i thought i was the
    only one who made my own almond milk lol, guess not!)

  2. @katewinslet Uhm…it’s pretty obvious that the rice needs to be cooked
    rice. You can also tell just by looking at the video that it’s been cooked.

  3. fernandasunshine April 28, 2015 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    great minds think alike its how i eat just made it up my sister loved it
    when i showed her now we enjoy that together wow i never woulda thought
    someone else would be eatting it lol cool

  4. @rvggarcon Yes, and you can even use instant brown rice. I made this today
    for the first time, and my brother who is a very picky eater loved it!!!
    you should try it!

  5. Seems like a good b’fast recipe… I’m starting out the New Year 2011 with
    learning about being healthy… I’m gonna try this and will let you know…
    Thanks for Sharing..

  6. @steffie562 By the way she is scooping out the rice from the bowl at the
    beginning, it looks like she starts out with COOKED rice. It would have
    been nice if she had clarified that in her recipe. A lot of people were
    wondering the same thing.

  7. @TheMolesterTV LOL! I can’t stand her, she’s so fucking annoying, but I
    only come here because of her boobs.

  8. The method I use is, I mill my rice in a coffee mill. Then I boil water and
    cook like cream of wheats. takes 5mins to cook. Just boil water add your
    milled rice, stirring it in, then remove from burner,and cover. Wait
    5-7mins, stir once in between. It is much more healthy for you. Add brown
    sugar, maple syurp, raisins, vanilla, any thing you want. It is a good
    wholesome breakfast, with a low glysemic index, and lots of fiber.

  9. my grandma used to make sweet rice for breakfast! it was delicious but it
    was white and loaded with butter and sugar lol. this should be a fantastic
    alternative to my sweet breakfast rice i miss

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