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24 thoughts on “Black Bean Soup Video Recipe by Bhavna – Quick Healthy Recipes

  1. I prepared this soup and the whole house woke up to a hearty brunch. OMG!
    It is so Mmmm! Mmmm! good. Comfort food for real and the whole family
    couldnt get enough. Thank you!

  2. Bhavna,every thing you do ,”is with passion “for love ,for cooking. In the
    back -ground,you have raw fruit’s? why not try &blend it in your recipe;Oh
    &one more thing .the spice rack.would be interesting if the bottles were
    colour coded,for visual ,easy pick.In your presentation try doing something

  3. Neththra'sVision April 27, 2015 at 8:51 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the recipe, black beans are also good for balancing hormones and
    it’s very helpful for people with fibroid because fibroid occur due to
    imbalance of hormones. I love you and your videos!!

  4. Hi sister, a very healthy wholesome diet itself…awesome for any age
    group…can we soak blackbeans over night or around 8 hours n stock it in
    freezer? You look ULTIMATE…:) very nice audio n video quality as
    always…me follow your saying HOME MADE IS ALWAYS BEST…thanks a
    lots..god bless you my sister…<3

  5. I love everything you make but your channel is just like everyone else’s
    now. I used to think you channel was special.

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