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25 thoughts on “Bourbon Glazed Carrots – Special Occasion Carrot Side Dish Recipe

  1. Is there any other non-alcoholic option for Bourbon , or is it a necessary
    ingredient for bringing that gorgeous glaze ? If I cook it in just butter
    and brown sugar, will it be fine ? 

  2. I made this dish for a pre-Easter dinner, last night.

    It’s spectacular, and the stated timing for liquid runoff is perfect. It’s
    fun, too.

    The only disappointment for me was that … due to those pesky ol’
    “circumstances beyond our control” … dinner wasn’t served until 4 hours,
    or more, after I finished the dish. People still loved it, and it drew
    many compliments. However, it didn’t have that same special ZIP that my
    “sample morsels” had, right out of the pan.

  3. Franciszka Cieślak April 29, 2015 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    I just did it and it is absolutely delicious but instead burbon I added 0,5
    cup of white wine and I skipped the cayene pepper and it is sooooo
    goooddd!!! 🙂
    PS: I realy like your recipes

  4. People say the stupidest things about these vids. I mean, who really care
    how his voice sounds, or if he has brown or black hair or does his shirt
    match his socks, or do his poot stink??? Gosh people, get a life!!! Can
    someone just enjoy the vids and try to get something out of them that could
    add ‘color’ to your dull lives!!! BTW: GREAT VIDEO!!!

  5. Wondahful, once a week I shall have all butter crossaints for breakfast,
    then have these as a side to my jassleback potatos for dinner! ;p

  6. The link for this recipe leads us to a different dish, please solve this
    problem, my stomach asks for help! :-)

  7. your way of talking is really irritating. if you bring the info a little
    less singing, i could actually enjoy your video.

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