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21 thoughts on “Brainy Breakfast – Healthy Recipes – Weelicious

  1. Delicious Brainy Breakfast Catherine! I want to start my day eating this
    too! It´s great for adults too. All the ingredients are in my pantry so
    there we go!

    Happy day!


  2. Flavor City with Bobby Parrish April 24, 2015 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    This is totally my kind of breakfast and a kick butt way to start the day!
    Nice one Catherine! 

  3. You should make some quick breakfast or snack things that teens in high
    school can just pull out in the middle of class

  4. I do that every morning! Just I use different kinds of nuts than only
    walnuts. I love it! It’s sweet, crunchy, fruity and it makes me full!
    Thanks :)

  5. please fix the audio! i hope you are not sick because it is sounding like
    you are croaky the last few videos.

  6. I love the taste of this sort of breakfast, but then I often read you
    shouldnt combine fruit with dairy (since fruit digests more quickly and it
    can cause digestive upset). So these days, I’m back to eating fruit

  7. Miss Amanda's world April 24, 2015 at 7:40 pm - Reply

    Could you usea different fiber that’s not flaxseed? I know fruits can
    always be changed up and nuts can always be left out.

  8. Real natural honey is fresh and runny for just about 2 months in summer.
    Then it crystallizes. All runny honey you buy in grocery store usually is
    full of sugar or preservatives. Try to buy honey from beekeepers 😀 . If it
    is crystallized then heat it a little bit in microwave and it will get
    runny. :)

  9. This post is from mlp if u dont like it DONT READ!!!!!!!!!! Catherine said
    pick an appke a day keeps the doctor away lol and that reminded me of mlp
    Applejack: granny smith always said pick an apple a day and keep troyble

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