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25 thoughts on “Breakfast Recipes – How to Make Breakfast Tacos

  1. Hey allrecipes I was wondering if you have or could make a video about a
    Mother’s Day breakfast. I want to make my mom breakfast but I don’t want
    the usual eggs and buttered bread. Keep in mind 14 just I would appreciate
    it if it was pretty simple too thx

  2. for breakfast, I would think some small cubes of potato would be good in
    there too, I might replace the green pepper with that, as I cannot eat
    green pepper anymore :(

  3. raisednvirginia May 2, 2015 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    Authentic Mexican Breakfast lol! Now you’re going to have a bunch of
    Mexicans on here going, “That’s not Mexican!!!” Other than that, they look

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