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25 thoughts on “Broccoli Quiche – Breakfast Brunch Recipe

  1. I too make something similar but I use Mushrooms,Spinach & Olives (Add
    chicken if you like) and I only use 4 eggs, with shredded cheddar.

  2. Some ppl are saying here is the pastry, Im saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for
    showing how to make it without the pastry, beter for those of us on a low
    carb diet.

  3. Could you add shrimp and how much would you suggest? As well what about
    half brocolli and half cauliflower for variety? this seems like a
    simple/delicious meal for people who loathe cooking like me 🙂 thanks.

  4. April 29, 2015 at 2:35 am - Reply

    Sorry for the delay! Yes, you can substitute with either more cheese or
    with paneer or tofu (crumbled) Hope that helps!

  5. Today I followed the instructions and it turned out great! I used different
    ingredients and didn’t use shredded cheese but in the end it was more
    awesome that I could have hoped. Thanks so much, this is going to become my
    favorite meal because it’s so easy to make 🙂

  6. I don’t want too many eggs in it. A long time ago I ate something similar
    which seemed to have a lot less eggs but more flour. Is there a recipe with
    fewer eggs?

  7. I love you ladies I fixed your pasta salad for work Monday, and I’ll fix
    this later tonight. I”ll be 70n next month and LOVE Youtube..

  8. thanks! looks very tasty! the cottage cheese is a nice idea. i must say
    though, that this is not a true quiche. the biggest thing missing is a
    pastry crust, and secondly, a real french quiche uses cream (creating in
    essence, a baked custard in crust.) still though, i can’t wait to try this

  9. Samantha Castellino Casselman April 29, 2015 at 9:03 am - Reply

    Hey guys , you;ll are doing an awesome job! just dont bother with people
    commenting…they only know how to give negative feedback. .Just remember
    Indian Food rocks!

  10. Same technique I make a potato and bell pepper fritatta in a fry pan and
    then bake it in the end, then top it with cheese for breakfast…yumm

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