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  1. Ok, I LOVE these so much more than the other “health food recipes. This is
    right up my alley! Feel good, nutritious, wholesome. Pretty much like the
    stuff your grandma might make. 

  2. To help some lost ones:
    What Ben mentioned wad creme fraiche (its french, dont quite know where the
    accemts go) and not cream fresh.
    Its a soured cream with about 30 – 40% butter fats, where as the more well
    known sour cream has about 15-20% butter fats. 

  3. ruth trying to crack the egg with the knife made me laugh. so adorable. i’m
    awful with cracking eggs as well. love her and feel good food. (o^-^o)

  4. Don’t like runny yolks. I would assume it would still work if you broke the
    yolk or semi scrambled them? What is creme fresh? I’m in the US. Is it like
    a yogurt, cream cheese, or sour cream? It looks really good though! Would
    love to try it. Will have to check out the recipe!

  5. Christian Luff May 6, 2015 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    Use the mushroom stock to make a mushroom risotto, or to flavour a creamy
    mushroom sauce for pasta

  6. Zombiesfromjupiter May 6, 2015 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    i just made this and oh my GOD its so good holy moly. i absolutely love it,
    definitely going to make it again!!

  7. you can try and make a veggie soup or something with asparagus, sweet corn,
    beet, carrots,(…) .. or you can even throw it as a fancy meat sauce with
    a couple more ingredients (add skim milk and a bit of corn starch for
    consistency). Just saying this from the top of my head, that’s why I am not
    being very specific!

  8. cottoncandyflossful May 6, 2015 at 7:37 pm - Reply

    hey there! i live in msia and it is hard to find sour cream here too. I
    managed to find them nowadays but it is really expensive. Normally i’d just
    substitute it with yogurt.

  9. This looks yummy… some great tips in there to like wiping round the pan
    to get rid of fat 🙂

  10. Oh, you could substitute almost anything with a strong smokey/umami flavor.
    Most easily, you could just boost up the mushrooms, or even try a different
    one or combo of them. The porchinis will stand well on their own, but you
    could also use shittake or hen of the woods or… The list is almost
    endless. You could also try fried sun-dried tomatoes. (You’ll probably have
    to fry them yourself.) That will add a very rich, earthy flavor to the
    dish. Not quite bacon, but very pleasant!

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