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19 thoughts on “Brunch Recipes – How to Make Scones

  1. Excellent question, Darius Hart! Substituting brown sugar for white to make
    this scone recipe will work well. Brown sugar is white sugar combined with
    molasses, which gives it a soft texture and more flavor. Let us know how
    you like it.

  2. I just made these and for the first time *ever*, they turned out perfect!
    The dough was moist and spongy, and egg washed it with grated cheese on top
    and good lord! The minute they came out of the oven they were nice and big
    and so *so* soft! I’ve made scones before with yeast, beer, and soda Water
    and each one would fail miserably. I *suck* at scones. Thank u thank u *thank
    u* so much for this no fail recipe. This ones a keeper for sure. I used
    less sugar and still they were so yummy and spongy. Just delightful!! 

  3. I actually did something kind similar once, just because I had left over
    pie crust dough. I layered it though to make it even flakier. Just rolled
    it out thin, brushed with butter and folded it over. Did this a few time,
    then cut out rong shaped with a cookie cutter. I will probably try this
    recipe soon as well :)

  4. I just made these and they were out of this world! I added chocolate chips
    for a little sweetness though, just because I was craving some chocolate.
    This recipe is a must to keep in your collection for a simple scone recipe!

  5. I tried this recipe today and it turned out pretty well, but I’m gonna
    reduce the amount of sugar next time, since today’s one was too sweet.

  6. Montaha Gurashi May 5, 2015 at 7:34 am - Reply

    Can I use only half the ingredients for half a batch? And if possible how
    will I split the egg in half ? THANKS!!

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