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25 thoughts on “Butter Paneer Masala | Dhaba Style Recipe

  1. Hi chef,yummy butter paneer masala dhaba style…gonna try out with garlic
    naan n this ima sure it is going to be mouthwatering…thank you chef…:)

  2. Hey Yaman,

    Today we made BPM and guess what??!! It was a SUPER DUPER HIT amongst my
    guests! Now it’s going to be a regular party dinner/lunch on our menu. All
    thanks to you! We told them about your channel and I am sure they are going
    to sub asap! Thank you for sharing your talent with us 🙂 Nxx

  3. lol you look & speak like one of my cousin in Mumabi who is a manager in a
    Bank & also loves paneer butter masala mumbai style… nice to see the way
    you speak with involvement 🙂 I am gona try your way :)

  4. R u gujarati? I am 15 and i want to be a chef and ur recipies helped a lot
    so tnks and ur recipies are amazinggggg

  5. Thank you for the awesome recipe, tried it today and it turned out super
    I have been born n raised in Kolkata and now reside in USA. I miss Kolkata
    food a lot. Could really appreciate if you could share recipe of
    alu-do-pyaza and kolkata dhaba style dal tarka (black dal).
    Thanks :-)

  6. Lilianne .Schreiber April 29, 2015 at 5:50 pm - Reply

    I just love everything Indian , did you make a Chilli panner ? can we
    replace the Panner by Tofu ??

  7. Wow what a good cook and what a wonderful attitude. Went thru the comments.
    You are one helpful good hearted bloke, ain’t ya?

  8. There is a little problem with your recipe , since you add Butter too early
    in the cooking , even before adding onions , this poses two problems. First
    adding butter too early into the preparation will cause it to burn and
    become clarified butter which is Ghee and would change the taste of the
    butter and won’t impart the same flavour it was intended for. Secondly you
    cannot really brown the onions till they caramelise, for the same reason as
    above burning of butter. Ideally i think butter should be added much later
    into the preparation. May be you could use ghee but thats not the same

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