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24 thoughts on “Chewy Chocolate Brownie Hearts Recipe | Easy & Healthy Vegan Dessert

  1. Valentine’s Day is coming up! Time to make some healthy heart shaped
    desserts ♥ Nothing else says “I love you” like a mouth watering chocolate
    brownie made with love and other healthy ingredients ;)

  2. martinez vera lucia April 28, 2015 at 6:21 pm - Reply

    Thanks a lot my dear..; hope you are having a nice day 🙂 Im glad I found
    your blog because I need to start to introduce vegan desserts at the place
    I work!! 

  3. i made these over the weekend and they taste amazing! i think i ate too
    many for them to still count as healthy though oops 

  4. I just tried a chocolate avocado mousse that I hated and this video makes
    me wish I had spent my money buying the ingredients for this recipe
    instead! Looks absolutely delicious!

    You have such a cool accent!

  5. What a nice recipe! – But well.. Spelt flour does contain gluten – and so
    does oat flour. So it’s not “almost” gluten free. It’s not gluten free at

  6. I made this for a bake sale at my school and everyone loved it i made it
    completely gluten free and my grandma she doesn’t like chocolate but she
    loves this 🙂 

  7. I don’t have cocoa powder on me now and I still want to make this recipe so
    is there a substitute ingredient I can add instead of cocoa powder? 

    Best recipe for brownies without white flour, white sugar and milk products
    I’ve ever tried!
    Thank you <3

  9. Really love how you included an easy way to take the left over brownies and
    make them into something completely different. Thank you! 

  10. Wasn’t crazy about how it tasted, so i put shredded coconut all on top and
    that made it taste much better! Still feel better about eating this than a
    cookie lol

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