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25 thoughts on “Chilli Paneer Dry Starter Recipe by MasterChef Tarla Dalal

  1. i love the way she explain every things.really i afraid to cook..but the
    way she give all instructions, i can try…i love the dish most..thanks a

  2. i like paneer…. everythng is ok but better u tel n english how to
    make…. bcaz i donno hindi… bcaz im a south-indian girl so i didnt
    understand…. i like ur way of approach

  3. people from all over India ,if not the world , watch this please speak in
    English so that everyone can understand.Gratitude.

  4. Thank you Tarla aunty for the recipes…..May you R.I.P….you were an
    inspiration to a generation for cooking

  5. install internet download manager or download accelerator plus. Whenever,
    you will play a video, it will give you an option to download.

  6. maam i tried the recipe it returned out very good but the taste of raw
    paneer was very prominent any solutions for that

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