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14 thoughts on “Cooking With Spices Uses Ethnic Profiling

  1. Nice video but not so sure about spices and their origin therein, such as
    Coriander being “Mexican”.

  2. Good job, very informative. Yesterday at the supermkt I went to buy nutmeg
    and was amazed how expensive a brand was. Like $7 for a small container.
    The store brand was way cheaper. I wonder if there’s any difference.

  3. Wow. that was a lot of Saffrron! haha. This video came at a convenient time
    because I just went to The Spice House here in Chicago and re-filled my
    spice rack with over 100 bucks worth of spices. Thanks Chef Todd!

  4. One of my favorites is a Lebanese flavor profile. Mint, garlic, cumin,
    coriander, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, sumak, tumeric, and even saffron.
    Because of that my spice cabinet actually consists of 26 spices. Having
    them in tins with clear lids and stuck to the inside of my pantry door, so
    I can see which is which at a glance, is the key. It makes me so glad that
    Sprouts has such a nice bulk spice section out here. Those plastic bottles
    can be so expensive.

  5. Put some old bay on fries after frying or before baking if you like old
    bay. I went and looked through my shelves and found a 10 year old bottle of
    curry powder when I was cleaning the old out. Still smelled good but not
    chancing it since I have only lived here for roughly 8 years lol.

  6. Love this presentation, very information dense! Let’s not leave out the
    anise, cardamom (and saffron) on the Indian team, if for nothing else than
    flavoring the rice. And I love piles of fresh cilantro in Mexican-style
    cooking. And Old Bay would even make that old shoe taste good 🙂

  7. What?You forgot Ginger? I use this to make Asian style soups,or stir
    fries.Is this the right spice for asian cuisine?Anyway,keep up the great
    work.I don’t watch TV so if you already have a show,excuse me.On the other
    hand,if you don’t,you definetly belong on the Food Network.#1.You have
    passion,and it shows.#2.You bring up things other TV Chefs don’t,#3.You are
    fun to learn from. I do HVAC for a living,great potential for making a
    living BUT,if I could do it all over again.I’d be where your at !

  8. @ndktube First of, you’re better off getting some whole nutmegs and
    grinding them as needed. Second, supermarket spices are generally
    overpriced and are often stale by the time you actually go to use them.
    Check one of the specialty spice sellers like Penzy’s or similar. The cost
    is often less and you’ll get better quality.

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