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25 thoughts on “Dumping My 15-Year-Old Girlfriend

  1. “It’s partly like you not being attracted to my gender?”
    “Ahh that’s true, that’s true.”

  2. but.. but.. I’m a guy, and I’m 15, but I have a boyfriend, and I don’t
    wanna dump him ’cause he’s pretty damn fun to be around :D

  3. When I was 15, the boy who I am still currently dating(it’s been 3 years),
    but was not dating at the time, told his friend,
    “Yeah, she’s really weird”, to which his friend replied,
    “Get to her before normal people make her ordinary.”

  4. At 1:29 John is doing the hank face. You know, the one where he looks up at
    the camera with the really big eyes

  5. Hi John Green. My school is doing a kind of an Academy Awards thing, and
    we have to make movie trailers for books. The Fault In Our Stars and
    Looking For Alaska are just two of the trailers we are doing.

  6. in dutch when you’re a virgin you’re a ‘maagd’ and when you’re not anymore
    you’re ‘ontmaagd’ which is directly translated to ‘unvirgined’ … We are

  7. The fact that you were able to actually call up your girlfriend from when
    you were 15, explain that Hank advised you in a video to break up with her,
    and there was complete understanding.

  8. Help Youtube autoplay is stuck in a loop! It’s showed me these two videos
    several times already CAN NOTHING BE DONE?!

  9. Redcloud Blackcloak April 29, 2015 at 12:08 am - Reply

    Coitarche is the closest english word to non-virgin. It’s a medical term
    for the first time someone has sex.

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