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11 thoughts on “Easy Healthy Snack Recipes! | Kat Horrocks

  1. These are amazing! I’ve never bought or eaten protein powder, flaxseed or
    chia seed before, but now I really want to! Kat, where do you pick these
    ingredients up from? x

  2. Both recipies look delicious! I have never tasted chia seeds before so now
    i am curious to try that pudding! The cookies look delicious i loved it
    when you said that you were adding chocolate chips cause YOLO lol yeah the
    cookies are healthy anyways! Great video my friend 🙂 

  3. i will have to try those cookies sometime ! they look so easy ^^
    im a small youuber , i would love to share my videos with you , if you like
    them be sure to subscribe <333

  4. What wonderful recipes!! I’m really going to try these two recipes! I have
    chia seeds, but just in water, they’re a creepy feeling to eat but so good
    for you lol! If you have more recipes like these please share! xoxo

  5. Great ideas Kat!! Although I have to be honest, I’m not sure I have the
    stomach for chia seeds lol!!! I’m a huge fan of fruit, though, so I love
    any recipes involving fruit- especially apples and grapes!!

  6. Thank you for the cookie recipe! I made these for breakfast but used dark
    chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate. They are absolutely delicious
    and so easy to make! Xx

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