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25 thoughts on “EAT BETTER LIVE LONGER!! Food Haul+Tips

  1. Theresa Aberilla April 27, 2015 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    This is practically how I shop on weekly basis!

    I live in Belgium, so we have the same goods in Germany!

    I also buy these Chantarelle Melons during the summer, and lots of

    Although, I’m not a “cheese” person! I love cheese during the winter, to
    eat with drinks like “port”!

    I also like “fresh belgian coutured – MEAT “, because they melt to the

    I have been shopping like this for several years now, since my “divorce”
    ‘coz it is a lot “cheaper”, and a lot healthier!!!

    I don’t buy those crap “canned foods”…never again!

  2. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox April 27, 2015 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    Love your videos, they are soo helpful! I am trying to cooking healthy
    meals n eat better 🙂 .. I was wondering if you could do a video on all the
    dressings you make yourself. I have no clue on where to begin, and your
    right the dressings at the store are sooo bad for you :/.. Would be
    awesome! THanks 🙂

  3. Also great info on You Tube videos; More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing
    Our Most Common Diseases by Dr Greger; Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof by
    Headveg, The Starch Solution by John McDougall MD; The China Study by Dr
    Campbell; A Life Changing Story, by Joey Borden,Rosedale Starvation Diet VS
    Abundant Fruitarian Ricetarian Vegan Diet For Longterm Weight loss?, by
    durianriders, How to Grow a MicroGreens Vegetable Garden Year Round Inside
    Your Home, by growingyourgreens

  4. Really love these kind of videos, please keep doing them. It’s so hard just
    to guess what’s healthy and what’s not when you don’t know what to look
    for. Really helpfull 🙂

  5. ScandalousWhispers April 27, 2015 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    @ScandalousWhispers The other part of my post vanished 🙁 But I basically
    said that some people, such as myself may not be able to follow a diet such
    as this due to stomach conditions. I know for myself, I cannot digest red
    meats or fruits, and that high fiber foods don’t sit well in my stomach
    either. This makes eating in general difficult, let alone following a
    specific diet.

  6. Heather Davisson April 27, 2015 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    I absolutely love your low-carb videos. They have actually been a huge
    inspiration for my boyfriend and I. I am actually going to be giving your
    bean salad a try here in a few days (the apple in it makes me wary, but I
    will try anything once lol). I’d love to see more cooking videos.

  7. Very useful and so different from other videos,,thanks. — Sent From
    MissChievous’s AppRats (Facebook App)!

  8. seitdem ich deine videos anschaue habe ich bemerkt das ich mich automatisch
    gesünder ernähre und ich finde viele sachen garnicht mehr so schlimm und
    ich habe auch neue vorlieben gefunden .du bist super.ich freue mich auf
    ganz viele weiteren videos von dir!

  9. @mznatty I usually snack with a yogurt in mid-morning and a fruit (banana)
    or a cereal bar in mid-afternoon

  10. People keep saying meat is bad for you… It really isn’t. Processing might
    not be the best, but people should keep in mind that you really don’t know
    what you are getting on your vegetables either (or potentially even in
    them)… The human body can’t break down and digest the cellulose from
    plants easily at all which is why primates supplement the foliage with some
    other form of protein – usually in the form of meat. Our bodies really are
    not designed to live on plants alone.

  11. @TheThirdShift i just really love the meals u cook (i havnt ever taste the
    food u create) n these meals r really healthy n i wanna request u to do
    anyother nail tutorial u have just maybe 7or 8 nailpolish tutorials n i
    love them all i only see ur make up nailpolishes n cooking so requestin u
    to do one more nail tutorial in mischievious

  12. I really enjoy your video. It’s the second one I saw as of today :). I want
    to take note about vegetables. I want to add that with determining
    “nutrition value”, it’s best to say which nutrient you’re talking about.
    Like vegetables is a source of little protein, carbohydrates, and lots of
    vitamins and anti-oxidants. What’s best with colorful vegetables such as
    bell peppers and carrots is that they are a great source of Anti-oxidants.
    Anti-oxidants can only be found in nature and not in animals.

  13. Dairy is actually really bad for for you. It is high in calcium but it’s
    hard for our bodies to break it down. And some of the bacterial cultures
    work against our bodies. (Not that I don’t eat dairy –I avoid
    milk(drinking soy milk, rice milk, almond3 milk) and I still eat cheeses) I
    found this very informative–though I was already functioning the same way

  14. LOVE THESE VIDEOS ! Thanks for making them. Ignore the people who say bad
    comments and keep doing wat u do thats y so many people keep watching u.

  15. @StellaLilly No offence here to other religions , but Muslims & Jews have a
    great and much less cruel way of killing animals to eat it ..We only eat
    “slaughtered ” animals in a certain age (no small animals are allowed also
    pregnant ones or those kept for milk ) We use very sharp knives and only
    well trained butchers are allowed this to do it in a fast and painless way
    .Middle Easter Christians do the same because they believe it’s the most
    “merciful ” way and cleanest

  16. @Sara01977 have you tried pistachios with the shell? those are an awesome
    snack that take a lot of time to eat.

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