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25 thoughts on “Experiments in Induction Cooking

  1. Can you tell me where I can get one one of those pans, feel I waste too
    much food, this way I can only make half a portion.

  2. Техносклад April 26, 2015 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Индукционная плита использует магнитное поле, а не пламя или элементы,
    чтобы создать тепло. Поверхность остается холодной на ощупь, за исключением
    только того места, где посуда непосредственно прилегает к панели.

  3. How big a coil does that unit have in it? Easy to test, get the widest pan
    add water just to cover bottom and turn on. Look for the ring to appear and

  4. Hi. Check the incredible technology GPC from I buyed his ceramic
    plate. I impressed his innovations.They are the best in my opinion.

  5. I like the ending of the video ” buy for now”……Folks this is just
    advertisement, please let yourself inform before buying this product. This
    is called food manipulatio which kills the vitamines in your food by high
    radiation just like how micrawaves work.

  6. Hi. You’re not too smart, because you left your ring yourself. Which is
    quite dangerous! Next time, watch out !!

  7. Une plaque à induction (comme celle de Neff) peut faire certaines choses
    qu’une plaque halogène ne peut pas…

  8. Sompong Tungmepol April 27, 2015 at 5:14 am - Reply

    Prestige, Pigeon, Butterfly, TCL, I-bell, Electrolux, Sunflame, Glen,
    Inalsa, Padmini, Softel, Singer, Usha, Khaitan, Wipro, Faber, Maharaja
    induction cooker error codes (Applicable for Chinese brands too)

    E0 –Cooking vessel is not placed correctly. Vessel is either removed or not
    made of a material usable with induction cooker

    E1 – Some issue with internal circuitry of cooker. Try switching off the
    cooker and switch it On after some time.

    E2 – Temperature sensor error. Circuit is open or closed. It means the
    system cannot read correct temperature of working and results in switching
    OFF of the cooker. Replace the temperature sensor if the error persists.
    Costs about 150 Rs.

    E3 – Supply Voltage is high. Reduce voltage if the cooker is connected to a
    stabiliser. Or switch the cooker off and then turn ON after some time.

    E4 – Supply voltage is low. Increase voltage from stabiliser if you are
    using one. Or else wait for a few minutes till the voltage increases.

    E5 – Surface temperature of cooker is too high. Don’t let hot water or
    vessels rest in cooker top after cooking. Remove any vessel and let the
    cooker cool down for a few minutes.

    E6 – Circuit temperature is high. Internal circuitry is too hot to work.
    Wait for a few minutes to let it cool down. It may also be a result of
    malfunctioning fan, which fails in cooling down the internal circuit and
    device. Blocked air vent also causes this error. Remove any blockage and
    let the device cool for some time. If the problem persists, call for

    E7 – Internal temperature sensor is not working properly. You should have
    to consult a local electronic repair workshop to get it cleared.

    E8 – Non usable pot placed in cook top. Use some vessel with magnetic

    Whirlpool Error codes

    C1 – Low input voltage. Increase voltage with stabiliser or wait for some

    C2 / C3 – Over heat in device or the surface. Wait a few minutes to let it
    cool down. If problem persists, you may have to consult repair for
    replacing temperature sensor.

    F0 – Some internal error is there. Wait for some time to see whether it is
    solved by itself. Or else, call customer care.

    F2 – Too hot cooking area. Wait for some time after removing any vessels
    and try again.

    F4 – Place the vessel towards the centre of cooking plate and not near the
    control panel (switch board).

    F8 – Long time in cooking. Your cooker needs some cooling and so, shut it
    down for a few minutes.

    Morphy Richards, Redfyre, Frigidaire, Spring USA Buffet and many other
    cooker shows similar error codes. For model specific error code meaning and
    explanation, please comment through comment column below. Hope this post
    was useful and informative

  9. Well and good, but I would not put my hand on it as the human flesh is
    conductive and so the rate of change of magnetic flux will induce an
    electric field in the hand and if the hand is conductive it will
    induce a current and if the path is resistive it will heat it up and if it
    does not there is a possibility that it knocks off some of the life
    elements in the hand, no one can tell yet, but I would not risk it.Madame
    Curie used to pass her hand over her “Radiators” and she paid dearly for
    it. So precaution is better than doing something about which we know
    very little!! Look after yourself is my advice.

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