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11 thoughts on “Expert Advice From A Pretend Adult

  1. Tiny Bag Productions April 24, 2015 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    Tumblr asked me some very in depth questions. I’m not sure I’m qualified to
    answer a lot of these…

    Sorry Got carried away.
    I want to like the quote, but i can’t understand it correctly because my
    ears lose their ability to understand english sometimes 🙁 its a german
    curse i’m trying to fight by wanting to move away.
    I really like your advices :D

  3. I did a video of Adult reality vs. expectations. Adulting is very
    difficult. New subscriber! Very excited to keep checking out your channel!
    P.S. found you on the #smallyoutube tumblr! LOVING IT!

  4. “Pretend Adult…” I feel like I played at being that when I was little.
    Now that I’m technically an adult, I feel like I play “Pretend Kid” all
    the time.

  5. Love your humour! Definitely gonna binge watch you vlogs this winter break
    😀 and also ur a ydad fan so that’s another plus 

  6. Yay. You used my questions. Didn’t think u would use all 4. Thanks.
    And also u remember rich… richy rich? Don’t you?

  7. I feel like this is pushing me ever closer to the inevitability of getting
    a Tumblr.
    Next thing you know I’ll be Tweeting my meals and Instagramming short,
    inane sentences.

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