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25 thoughts on “Fake Obesity Experts

  1. Robert Lustig once said ‘perhaps the most perfect meal for weight loss and
    health is simply bacon and eggs’. Well I guess Robert Lustig must be
    fruitarian cos he is clinically obese and based on his ‘data and research’
    thats the only way he could be clinically obese. He needs to eat more bacon
    and eggs and quit his fruitarian vegan diet right? 

  2. I have personally met most of the plant based experts. They are all lean,
    have great energy, without exception. Why is this not obvious? 

  3. I agree. Changing from a meat eater to a vegan (over several years), has
    had major helath benifits for me, including loosing about 60 lbs, and
    various other things.I’m familiar with most of the professionals you list
    in your first column, because I fortunately bumbled onto the You Tube
    videos of the Vegetiarian Soceity of Hawaii, and many of the above in your
    first paragraph have been guests on it. What impressed me initially was
    that they got top-rate professionals to speak,and they seem so dedicated.

  4. Haha this video is epic. Everytime i see some ‘expert’ saying mainstream
    bullshit about how people on a diet should avoid fruits and stuff, I look
    at the ‘expert’ and think “no, this cannot be, people take this person
    seriously, i mean, just look at her/him”. Does a word “dietician”under
    soemone’s face makes people blind?

  5. I saw the vid of an Asian woman she was 145yrs old. Her meal was white rice
    and a bit of green vegetable.

  6. Lustig eats unrefined carbs Gary Taubes doesn’t..why not show a pic of
    Taubes? Or professor Stephen Finney, Prof Tim Noakes, prof Grant Schofield,
    Dietican Carryn Zinn, Dr Andreas Eenfeldt or many of the others who THRIVE
    on LCHF?

  7. Looking healthy does not mean you are honest either. Their are a lot of
    phony steroid using “Diet Experts” on Youtube

  8. Omg that was good for a laugh!! Haha why do people continue to listen to
    over weight for advice on how to lose weight? 

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