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25 thoughts on “Fruit and Seed Bars: Healthy Snack Recipes – Weelicious

  1. My son is having a birthday party this weekend and we will be having a lot
    of kids and adults. I wanted to ask you if you have some cool ideas to do
    with puff pastry? Thank you so much in advance and good luck.

  2. Mmm, these looks super yummy! I have one question though, do you know if
    grinding the oats will ruin their nutritional value?

  3. Love this, hubby and I don’t have kids but try to eat healthy- I could see
    myself making this for snacks on the go, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Your channel is my favorite cooking channel! I personally think your
    reciepes are the best!!! I love them so much! I love how everything is
    always something natural, and you use the best ingredient for your body!

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