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5 thoughts on “Good Healthy Diet Veggie Recipes Burdock Root

  1. I enjoyed watching your cooking videos. Hope to see you post more
    recipes.keep it up and thanks for the efforts! 

  2. Thanks for the instruction. As I drink burdock tea for health I’d like some
    ‘kitchen medicine’ as well. I hope it’s bitter! I’ll use less sugar to that
    end. Molasses maybe. I’ll try this dish at a local Korean or Japanese
    restaurant first, then go buy sone ‘gobo’ at TNT or NEW PACIFIC. Combined
    with ‘genmai’ it looks like it would be tasty and healthy. BTW, I just came
    from suburbs of Tokyo. I didn’t see it on the menu in restaurants of

  3. Fantastic videos Yuri. I love how you explain everything from cooking
    technique, etiquette and culture. Also for people curios about burdock
    root, it’s pretty inexpensive, I paid around 3$ for 2 massive roots;
    approximately 3ft each.

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