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24 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Recipe (Affordable and Quick)- BenjiManTV

  1. Ninja Professional Blender or HealthMaster Elite 8-Speed Blender,
    Black/Stainless Steel , which one do you recommend , as the moment I am
    pregnant with my second son and I’m trying to affordable blender to make my
    green juice and smoothies , I’ve been through three blenders so far and a
    juicer and the blenders still left chunks , I don’t want that , I want a
    good condition blender that does smooth drinks , can you please recommend
    me one that’s not over $200 .

    Note : we’re trying to move to Denver Colorado and my budget is $150 for a
    good blender . 

  2. Thank you for the suggestions on using an affordable blender. My blender
    is not low-end but is certainly no BlendTec. I have attempted green juice
    and smoothies many times and always have to use something to knock the
    ingredients down to get the thing to blend. Your method of adding the
    greens and weighing it down with the heavier items worked perfectly. I
    think the crushed ice is key too. Thank you!!

  3. Omg, ive tried and it doesnt come out right.. Theres so much baby chucks of
    ice and i want it to come out smooth and green that yours. Maybe a new

  4. I’m definitely inspired to make green juice because of you and Judy! Love
    your vlogs and thank you for this video! My blender actually broke, so I
    might buy this one and try this recipe! I’m determined to be more healthy
    even though its hard.

  5. Can I make a large amount and keep in the fridge for a couple days? Or will
    that cut down on the benefits of the veggies and fruit? 

  6. every time I use spinach or any kind of green veggie in my blender or
    juicer it is so earthy. like grass tasting lol. it makes me gag. even using
    a lot of fruit. do you know a secret to make that taste not so bad?

  7. Benji I being watching itsjudyslife for years now and I being subscribe to
    your channel since the beginning. I’m pregnant and just found out I’m
    anemic your green juices will be helping me a lot this coming up months.
    God bless your family

  8. okay is anyone else missing the little ‘watch later’ icon that used to be
    at the bottom right corners of thumbnail videos? WTF how am i supposed to
    add videos to my watch later now?! :(

  9. Benji, are you able to make this the night before and have it for
    breakfast? With 2 little ones at home I try to avoid making so much noise
    before I go to work, but would love to have this for breakfast. Can you
    give us your thoughts on storing etc? 

  10. Do you recommend adding water to the smoothie or adding juice or both? I’m
    trying to play around with the consistency of the smoothie to get it not
    too thick but still like a smoothie. 

  11. Janet Speckmeier April 25, 2015 at 2:32 am - Reply

    I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but not turning out smooth. Might need
    a better blender. Thanks.

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