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  1. Leprintess Bradley April 28, 2015 at 2:06 am - Reply

    Thank you Liferegenerator!! You’ve helped change my life! Thanks for this
    series of vids. I’ve favorited a couple of them. Thanks a million!! 🙂

  2. @frodosauce, I am trying to go raw too. But right now because of certain
    limitations I still have to eat cooked food. I heard a suggestion: if you
    want to get some of your veggies raw then you can juice them. This way, you
    get the nutrients without the added fiber if you are unable to digest the
    raw fiber.

  3. Awesome that you are devoting this time to help the kids get more real food
    into their diet. They are looking to us as adults for guidance in their
    lives and this is by far the most important. Without good health we have
    nothing but pain and suffering. Peace

  4. @liferegenerator thank you for the reply!!! i have used avos and banana and
    just mashed them well. my concern with other fruit and veg is that they
    wouldnt be soft enough to puree without boiling…? for example how do i
    puree a carrot or corn??????? ive also seen alot on the net about avoiding
    citrus fruits until 12 months… i havent checked with our doctor yet, but
    id be interested to know what the raw ninja has to say ; )

  5. This is a great video dan. I love these. I’m not a kid but I believe in
    Natalia roses approach awake and release. This is a great recipe.

  6. just a tip. Your videos are great and you have a lot to say. But with as
    many videos as you have and as many viewers its time to start editing the
    vids a bit. There was not even a closeup on the food

  7. dan, i have a question! hope you answer!!!!!!! i have a 7 month old
    daughter who started eating solid foods just over a month ago…i have
    prefered to make my own food for her as opposed to buying jars of baby food
    from the stores. i generally use all of our left over fruit, veg, legumes,
    boil them up then blend into a puree. with all this talk of raw being the
    way to go, can you help me with what a baby should eat??? obviously i want
    bub to have all the natural nutrition in the world!

  8. So if someone at your kids, would you not pass judgement? animals need a
    voice. complacency is not love either. need to have balance of education
    while leading by example. Vegan is love, but so is educating others.

  9. i love the fact you are giving me ideas to help kids. u just described our
    family. im going raw, my kids 1/2 raw, & my husband barely. so these
    transition ideas are great! i love how you speak to the children like
    they’re intelligent, and they dont have the lifetime of bad habits yet or
    pre-conceived notions so they really listen. i love also how you take the
    time to answer their questions, and did not edit that out. you are so
    positive and refreshing! go dan! God Bless You & ur kids!

  10. I think having an on-camera discussion with Nataya about things could be
    beneficial to your younger viewers. Her questions sound a lot like your
    typical teenage girl.

  11. @frodosauce, I agree with you. If you can’t afford the juicer right now and
    you don’t like the taste of some raw vegetables then keep steaming your
    veggies. Blessings. Walk good.

  12. @liferegenerator u the man, Dan! I love ya! You’ve changed my life and for
    the first time in my life, you’ve made me excited about veges. I tried you
    kale with orange spritz and it was delish. What do you think about grains?

  13. Natural Remedies Coach April 28, 2015 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    Dan the man you are awesome. I like how you talk to your kids ( and
    everyone else who is watching) about not judging folks based on what they
    eat. I also like how you talk to children and not at them. great video

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