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25 thoughts on “Healthy Homemade Hamburger – Gordon Ramsay

  1. 1. It’s a burger, Gordon, not meatloaf. The beef itself should be the star.
    Stick to salt and pepper.
    2. Burgers aren’t supposed to be healthy. If you want to eat something
    healthy, don’t eat a burger. Moreover, by adding in all that added sugar
    from the ketchup, you can’t really claim that this version is particularly

  2. Looks like a crappy burger to me done the British way, just no filler thank
    god. You lot are a country of condiments. Whatever you make must have red
    sauce, brown sauce, worcestershire, Coleman’s etc. All your flavours come
    from bottles of condiments. Mince needs salt and pepper and that’s it. Put
    the rest on the bun if you must.

  3. This video is 3:09 long. 3 minutes. :09 9/3 = 3. A triangle has three

  4. Firefighters gettin pussy for the first time in the history of fire or
    pussy. firefighters a bunch of fucking homos. What? They ahh

  5. Ryanthemagicalwizard April 28, 2015 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    Everytime I make a burger and try to cook it in the frying pan it falls
    apart plus it never cooks through the centre and the outside is burnt, What
    am i doing wrong?

  6. AND (if you guys allow it), we have the only girl making all the
    sandwiches. This is just like real life! There you go feminazis :D

  7. how do you cook it like how often do you turn the beef and how much
    ingredients you use to add flavor to the food

  8. Cayenne pepper and tabasco in a hamburger? Somebody call Chuck Norris so we
    can teach the people how to Murrican.

  9. Beetroot relish interesting idea.

    My main question is, Why do all chefs obsess over rare cooked meat? Does
    anyone have an answer for me?

  10. Fat is not unhealthy. Not even saturated fat. That’s outdated nonsense and
    has since been disproven. Of course, EVERYTHING is unhealthy if you have
    too much of it, but even saturated fat is necessary. In fact, it’s vital
    for hormone production. Why don’t old folks homes offer vegetarian menus?
    Because nobody asks them to. Because old people are never vegetarians.
    Seriously, the veggie movement got big in the 60’s. If they were living
    longer, almost ALL the old folk would be veggie by now. Instead, it’s
    almost none of them. Oh, and let’s not forget that the harmful additives in
    processed burgers are actually derived from PLANTS. So, enjoy your meat,
    folks. Don’t listen to the veggies who come on here trying to change
    everyone else’s diet rather than just shut up and enjoy their carrot.

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