Healthy Spicy Balsamic Chicken Meal Prep Recipe in 1 minute / Pollo Balsámico Picante

Is your chicken breast recipe on life support? Here’s a healthy spicy balsamic chicken recipe in 1 minute so you can spice up your meal prep or get your family into eating healthier! See ingredient…
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22 thoughts on “Healthy Spicy Balsamic Chicken Meal Prep Recipe in 1 minute / Pollo Balsámico Picante

  1. Hey y’all! Ok, I’ve read many emails and in comments that y’all would like
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    Instagram that I could also share here but in a different way. So, I’m
    experimenting with turning some of my 15-second videos into 1-minutes
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  2. ooooweee! You always cook up somethin’ good. My man is forever grateful
    lol. Still waiting on that cookbook! :)

  3. is this a sweet tasting ‘sauce’? i know theres honey in it but that could
    be overpowered by chilli? I’m new to this cooking thing lol

  4. Been following you in IG for a a long while now. All of your recipes are so
    colorful and look easy but I think this could be one of the easiest. I’ve
    gotta give this one a shot. That’s a lot of protein for such low calories
    per serving in something other than whey. Keep up the awesome work! 

  5. Just made this with balsamic vinegar, some olive oil, instead of honey I
    used agave and to spice it up I took fresh ginger, salt, pepper, garlic and
    paprika (even put some basil in it) and it tasted heavenly!!!! Thank you so
    much, definitely gonna make this again!

  6. Not once ounce of fat on chicken.
    Do you trim it that good or do you buy it like that?
    If you do, where do you get it?

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