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25 thoughts on “How to Make “Small Talk” – AdviceFromJustin

  1. I stink at small talk. I can’t think of any questions to ask most of the
    time. It’s terrible at work because I also don’t watch tv at all, so it
    makes it tough to find commonalities sometimes. :-)

  2. Thanks for your helpful tips, Justin 🙂 Based on my experience, I would
    rather not ask the regular question ‘where do you work?’ when I meet
    someone new. Some people may find it sensitive, especially if they recently
    loss a job or have been unemployed for months. I usually ask, “What do you
    do in your spare time?”, or “What keeps you busy lately?”. But then again,
    it’s all related in where we meet the person, if we meet them at work
    related environment, it won’t be a problem.

  3. Thanks for the awesome videos Justin! Just wondering if you could do a
    video on telling interesting stories or good jokes? It seems like I can
    tell stories but I tend to ramble and loose the punch line! Thanks

  4. Great advice… The topics to avoid hit home for me .. I don’t know how
    many people have brought up politics or other awkward issues at the worst
    moment… I hope they watch this video ! Thank u Justin

  5. Hey Justin, can u make a vid about how to know if a guy really wants to be
    with you or if he just think of u as a “booty call”?

  6. Hey Justin 🙂 I was with some friends and we entered a starbucks…there
    was a guy studying and we didn’t notice until he stopped us cold and told
    us he couldn’t concentrate. (So rude..even cursed). No one expected such a
    reaction. My friend told him he didn’t have to be rude but he replied just
    as rude as the first. Anyways, what would your advice be on handling such a

  7. I really appreciate ur videos Justin 😀 , u’re the most inspiring person I
    have ever known, I like so much the way u talk. Thank u so much for ur help
    !! 😀 . A BIG fan from Morocco.

  8. Your tip from another video, about how people like to talk about
    themselves, is so helpful! I ask a really simple question and coworkers go
    on and on. It’s awesome and makes great conversation. Thanks Justin! 🙂

  9. Thanks Justin for your great advice since I’ve seen u and April I can’t
    wait to watch the next new post…your a great couple cheers

  10. Thanks foy your advice Justin! I would love if the next topic could be
    about how to change career path and how to gain experience in order to
    apply in a different area. I´m getting really frustrated because I´ve
    studied Business Administration and my specialty is on Logistics, however
    my passion is in design and marketing; I do have a diploma in web design
    and design/publishing software orientated skills. What can I do??

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