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25 thoughts on “Hypothyroidism-My Experience and Advice

  1. Is it possible for someone to have it at the age of 20? I have all the
    symptoms to an extreme but I feel like I’m too young to have it

  2. Im doing everything, exercise, diet, and the remedy. And i have energy if i
    take coffee, BUT i have extreme difficulty in waking up in the morning, if
    i dont fight, i can sleep all day long.
    It is hard to have to depend on someone else to wake me up, cuz no one
    understands that the sleep is so heavy that i dont really remember that i
    HAVE to wake up.
    Do anyone else feel the same and how do you deal with it?
    Im just taking day by day, if i dont wake up, i try not to stress about it,
    cuz it is hard feeling like i cant do stuff and like i cant be productive.
    If i have something important, i just dont go to sleep, wich means that
    things will get done, but ill be tired and irritaded.

  3. I am at the beginning of my hypothyroid jurney. I am wanting to know did u
    loose weight after u started treatment? I am on synthroid also. But I still
    feel like I could die sometimes and weightloss is impossible. I am also
    frustrated because though I have a under active thyroid I still have
    tachycardia all the time. My heart rate has decreased from 140 to 120 in
    the past year though. I don’t understand how I can have hypothyroidism but
    constant tachycardia. I have been to a cardiologist and they have all said
    my heart is healthy. 

  4. I have hypo symptoms. And I mean all of them but weight gain (prob add meds
    keep that off). But my tsh was 0.4. Then it jumped to 3.6. Within weeks.
    I’m like wth? I’m so confused. Should I see endo or no. 

  5. So I’m fairly very young, and I’ve struggled with alot of these problems
    since puberty- to the point I went from a very healthy, active girl to one
    who just kept gaining, constant hunger, then I started losing lots of hair
    in the shower to the point my mom would walk in and say they looked like
    cobwebs of hair. I became so lazy I no longer did anything i enjoyed and it
    took complete effect on my schooling, to the point I just dropped out and
    got homeschooled because I couldn’t stand going. They took a test a year
    or so ago and got results on the first one and then nothing on the second
    and decided to dismiss it. I looked at my weight chart and I’ve changed
    nothing in my diet, and I gained around 40 lbs in 2 years. And I cannot
    lose it no matter how much less I eat. I don’t know what to do. Does this
    sound like hypothyroidism?

  6. when I was 10 they diognised with hypotiroidism, now im 17 and they are
    gonna make a test cause they think I have a rare case of both hypo and
    hyper, like it jumps every once in a while, like it can be from one day to
    another, and I can tell, it screws me up for school, like seriously, if im
    not too anxious to be able to stop and think about a problem, Ill be too
    tired and some days its like things enter one ear and leave through the

  7. Just in case, no one told you this today – you’re awesome story teller, not
    to mention beautiful woman. Liked the video and info! Thank you

  8. Its interesting that you had the feeling of coldness because I too have
    Hypothyroidism and I felt nothing but heat all the time (hence, I wear tank
    tops all the time). Also, another symptom of hypothyroidism is joint/muscle
    myopathy, which is something I want to get check out on as well. I want a
    doctor/specialist to help me get better because the sport I joined requires
    strength and i can’t do it when my joint muscles are hurting.

  9. I’m a little late in the game of watching this. Not sure how I missed this.
    But I’m hypo too and this was very helpful. I’m in the boat of the up and
    down right now. I have every symptom you described and a few more. I’ve
    lost hair and also my hands go to sleep. Only my hands. I am pretty sure my
    pregnancy with my 15 year old is what kicked this in. I currently only see
    my family doctor but seriously considering an endo instead. I would just
    love to feel better than I do. It also effected my blood sugar. When my
    thyroid #’s are bad so is my blood sugar and cholesterol. Thank you for
    sharing your struggles with this

  10. had you considered taking iodine and selenium. If possible its probably
    best to try and fix your thyroid rather than just supplement with synthetic
    (or even bio identical) hormones – if possible. Of course, it wont work for
    all, but as John Bergman says.. “Ok, whats broken ?”
    Very often iodine (or lack of uptake) is the cause of Hypothyroidism. Also,
    for women iodine is extra important as your breasts and ovaries are the 2nd
    and third largest users/requirers of iodine. Iodine supplementation cures
    fibrocystic breast disease (which is more related to ovarian iodine
    sufficiency rather than thyroid) , endometriosis, heavy periods, ovarian
    cysts etc. If anyone reading this has these symptoms, google Dr Brownstein,
    Dr Jorge Flechas, Dr Guy Abrams, Dr Sherry Tenpenny etc etc.

  11. Good video. I have hypo also. I take Levothyroxine 75mcg. Only had the TSH
    levels tested because I’m tall and thin and eat tons of food, and couldn’t
    gain a pound. Saw a endocrinologist 15 years ago, after fighting with my
    HMO, and she said I needed synthroid. Switched health plans several times
    due to different jobs, and none of my doctors wanted me to see a
    specialist. They all do the blood work and tell me they can handle the
    thyroid. Almost impossible to get a referral. Other than the weight thing,
    which doctors tell me not to worry, I feel fine. Being on the skinny side
    isn’t as bad as the other extreme. Thanks for sharing

  12. I was diagnosed during a routine blood test. I take one pill a day and it
    is generic. I had no symptoms. I have had it for over 30 years. I do not
    have Hashimotos’s Disease. I take .005 mcg a day. I am glad you shared
    this video since so many people have this and do not know it.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your story, understanding others maybe
    fighting this battle, and not giving up on you. I, too, suffer from it and
    it sucks. I’ve had it for years but im still in the beginning stages. The
    beginning stages of finding a medical core team thats willing to combat
    this problem and other related problems. My endo said, “oh its Hashimoto.
    And I cant write a prescription bcuz you can never pinpoint exactly when
    your levels change. So I dont want you to have too much”. See beginning
    stages but im not going to give up and I too one day will get this issue
    fully under control. Thanks a million!!!

  14. New to your channel and just happened to see this video. I know it is a
    few years old now, but curious what your original TSH level was when you
    first were diagnosed years ago and what they would like it to be? I think
    that I have sub-clinical Hypothyroidism with a TSH of 4.63. I am 33 and
    have had it drawn every few years and it is definitely rising in number!

  15. my arms and legs feel tired and if i don’t eat i feel hypoglycemia symptoms
    yet i dont have diabetes, i have a low grade headache upon waking up ! i
    have tinnitus in my right ear my eyes feel dry and often easily go red! i
    have heart palpitations and many many more! the doctor said im young and
    healthy and told me to stop pestering him this is ruining my life i cant
    even enjoy Christmas at the moment its all i think about! my mum and nan
    both had hypothyroid ? please help me through the internet as no one else
    will lol merry Christmas to all 

  16. I’ve been dealing with hypothyroidism for about 4 years now and I was
    wondering if you had crazy mood swings when your dosage was increased.
    Every time I had an increase I felt bi-polar..the moment I would feel joy
    and start to laugh it would be like someone flipped a switch and I was
    sobbing as if the worst thing ever just happened to me, I felt crazy!
    Luckily this only lasted the first few weeks of a new dosage and I would
    level out. I was just wondering if its a common reaction to more hormones.
    Thanks for making this video! :)

  17. “You’ll never know you had it” wrong.

    The symptoms depend on the amount of t3 t4 in the system. Some people have
    slightly lower than normal t3 t4 release. Others such as myself have damn
    near zero. And let me tell you it’s FUCKING PAINFUL!


  18. Hi I’m 12 and don’t like telling people about I’m only 12 I was diognosed
    with it when I was 9 and well I just have it
    A shorter name is under active thyroid 

  19. Can anyone explain about menopause and hypothyroidism. I am living n hell I
    know it is thyroid related but wonder how much a lack of estrogen plus a
    bouncy thyroid affect me an are there options I rarely get out o bed t is
    ruining all my relations with family. My Joints are very full of arthrituis
    swelling maybe damaging. I don’t even have any faith in Doctors. drugs or
    much I have only faith that this life is temporary and someday the pain is
    relieved. take Levothyroxine dosn’t work anymore Is there hope for me?
    Where and how do I start the new conversatoin with my new pcp he did a lot
    more blood tests next month I go back any suggestions. No more anti
    depressants I may sound depressed but I ceased takng years of crap that
    never worked and feel like me again even tired ts better than flipping out
    on the pill off the year and the side effects 

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