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25 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Lighten or Remove Freckles (Expert Advice on Freckles)

  1. Im not born with freckles i got them by using tanning cream to make my skin
    dark later on the months i get them mostly on my face 

  2. I hate people who don’t have freckles that says freckles are pretty and we
    shouldn’t hide them. Because they don’t know how insecure we feel about
    them and how commenting on them doesn’t help. I just want to get rid of
    them so bad :(

  3. Countess De La Rochelle April 24, 2015 at 1:51 am - Reply

    YES YOU CAN. A good plastic surgeon and staying out of the sun will remove
    all your freckles. But it must be done under anesthetic. If you stay in the
    sun, it will return. Otherwise you’ll have baby skin again.

  4. I’m sorry to read this. Think of all the gorgeous actresses who have
    freckles like: Olivia Munn, Emma Roberts, Emma Stone, Lucy Liu, Julian
    Moore. They R all extremely successful and sexy in their own rights.
    Embrace what U have and don’t cover it up. Just use sun protection, and
    stop with this ridiculous notion that freckles are not beautiful. Think of
    all the people on wheelchairs, or people ill with cancer– these
    individuals have a reason to feel sorry for themselves, you DON’T! Regards-

  5. @CodyScott Thanks for ur interest. This product should be customized to ur
    exact skin color & dependent on a few other factors. Please call BHMS at
    305-864-8824 or visit MedSpa33154(Dot)Com

  6. Because it’s highly acidic. Think of it in these terms: There’s a Peruvian
    dish called Ceviche. It’s a fish dish. The only ingredient used to cook it,
    to turn it from a raw dish to a cooked dish is the juice of the lemon. They
    marinate the fish for hours and then serve it. So it’s just like you’re
    marinating your skin and literally cooking your skin in acid. You can cause
    burns and irritations. We definitely don’t suggest it.

  7. I have freckles. I’m indonesian.. I kinda embarassed of it because mostly
    people in here doesn’t have freckles and only a few of them.. Sometimes my
    friend ask how can i get that freckles around my cheekbones.. But still,
    i’m kinda embarassed and not feeling comfortable walking around because of
    my freckles.. Any solution?

  8. Because it’s highly acidid. It literally cooks the skin. There is a
    Peruvian dish called ceviche. It’s raw fish that is cooked only in lemon,
    so it’s not raw anymore. Essentially, you would be doing the same to your
    skin with lemon juice. I have a video specific to this topic. Just scroll
    down my video list. I talk about it there. I can’t put link up, because of
    YouTube guidelines. Have a nice day.– Eva.

  9. Thanks, but its true 🙂 My boyfriend destroyed the only picture I had with
    my freckles and I actually cried today because I looked amazing with them.
    In my opinion, it’s impossible to look bad with freckles – they make you

  10. Love your YouTube name. I, too, am a huge animal lover. Sorry to read that
    you hate your freckles. I’ve had them all my life– I don’t even notice
    them anymore. They are charming and look at all the movie stars that have
    them. Please learn to embrace them. I’ve never heard of anyone with
    freckles not getting married, finding a job or any type of interference
    because of freckles. It’s all in your head! Wishing you an amazing day.–

  11. I have freckles and don’t know why my parents don’t have freckles , my
    sibilings had them when they wore kids im 24 and i still have them, but I
    learned to love them.

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