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24 thoughts on “Job Interview Tips – Job Interview Questions and Answers

  1. My first interview is today I’m so flippin nervous I feel like puking!!
    Wish me luck this is also my first job interview!! 

  2. Had an interview today. Answered the technical questions exceptionally
    well. Above and beyond what was required. Then when it came to answering
    questions about me, I broke down. I was very nervous, my thoughts were in

    I asked them 4 questions at the end and one of them was: “What
    characteristics are needed for new members in order to fit well with the
    team and the department?”

    Their faces were “WOW! What a question!” And I could see the discomfort on
    their faces when I asked it. They were either unprepared for that question
    or didn’t want to let me down badly.

    Other factors was a limp handshake, which I had to initiate. Reluctance to
    take my written reference hard copy (although they took it as a matter of
    courtesy which was nice – they noticed it). And the ultimate deathbomb was
    when I left the interview I got told “if you apply for other departments,
    then you could ask for a lab tour.” If they say that then you know it’s
    over. You’re either equipped with an extroverted personality or you’re not.
    You better off employing someone on the basis of their eye colour if this
    is the case in 2014.

    No matter how well you answer the questions, if you show nervousness then
    you’re stuffed. You can’t train yourself to be cool in interviews because
    personality is genetic. It’s a hit or miss, even if you’re qualified more
    than the others. Meritocracy doesn’t exist. I should ask for feedback
    now… even before my rejection notice comes through.

  3. I’m so nervous for my interview with Chipotle on Monday.. I’m a smart kid
    and everything, consciously aware of what’s socially acceptable or not, but
    I tense up and stutter when under pressure. :I it’s my first job interview.
    Any tips? 

  4. Is it ok to have a shower before having a job interview?? :
    actually, I m having a job interview in an hour and this is my dream job
    cuz I live in Mongolia, and also i am not perfect in english, but the
    requirement is fluency in english.
    any tip ?///????/. The company is so amazing, I can travel around the world
    as specialist of this company ?/?//// im so depressed . Every time this
    thought comes to my mind,

  5. :::Here’s an extraordinary technique you can use on your next job interview
    that practically forces employers to hire you.

  6. How do you beat the service fit test? They don’t even ask for a resume.
    Example questions:
    1. Would you rather beat up an old lady or an infant?
    2. Have you ever imagined yourself stealing?
    3. Whats more important in baseball, the bat or the ball?

  7. I have an interview on Tuesday, I will immaculately comb my hair with the
    finest gels and wear a nice perfume. I want the job badly ! lets get it!

  8. Having a emploer/interviewer who’s not a jackass helps as well. Had an
    amazing hour long interview yesterday, which flew by like it was 10
    minutes. Got an official offer 4 hours later. Graduated 11 months ago, no
    work experience in my field so far, but they were (two co-founders of the
    company interviewed me) were so open to listenning to everything I had to
    say, that they didn’t even mind me stopping the mid-sentance to ask a
    question or make my own observation – in fact, they even liked it. I really
    was a conversation rather than an interview. Although, I’d never really
    encourage somone to stop their potential employer mid-sentance, nor would I
    do it ever again 😀 but they actually made me so relaxed that I felt like I
    was talking to a couple of people I’ve worked with for years already.

  9. I have my job interview today at 11am! I don’t feel like having breakfast
    because I am nervious about the interview. 

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