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25 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Retired Military Specialist

  1. What the guy lacks in reflexes and coordination, he makes up for with
    durability, endurance, and a high pain tolerance. 

  2. Spencer Thebestspark April 26, 2015 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    Why is the retired guy talking to the other guy like they were friends? He
    i so much older, he is freakin retired

  3. Why is it that on every Key and Peele skit there are racist comments in the
    comment section? And it’s EVERYONE. SMH Human beings are so immature behind
    a keyboard.

  4. “never to kill another human being [homo sapiens] again” Why the FUCK is it
    okay to kill other species though you trash? Simply because their species
    is different? What is the line of reasoning? Do you even have any or are
    you mindlessly following? That’s no better than saying it’s okay to kill
    other races because “they were put here for us and they matter less.” All
    species feel just as all races fell. You are fucking scum. Go die. 

  5. the one where the old cop (peele) gets a new young partner and keeps
    talking about menendez haha, that one was alot funnier than this one.

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