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25 thoughts on “King of the Hill – Hank’s steak advice

  1. While not as risky as pork, I’m iffy when it comes to the possibilities of
    parasites in my meat. I do not trust that everybody and their grandmother
    can cook a steak correctly.

  2. FallaciousScotsman April 27, 2015 at 2:09 am - Reply

    He’s not wrong. Whoever wants burnt rubber steaks can go heat up an old
    car tire. Tastes about the same.

  3. High Quality meat such as Prime + is safe to eat raw. You should try it in
    high quality restaurants that are trust-able.
    I would not recommend eating lower quality meat. Having information from a
    trusted butcher on your meat is also good.
    There is nothing wrong with eating well done steaks but they are generally
    not appreciated to the fullest and and a waste of high quality beef, I
    would only recommend using sauces or cooking it well done when the meat
    quality is low.

  4. Meat is fucking disgusting. All you retards that eat it are murders who
    like to poison themselves with chemicals. I have been eating vegan for
    about a week and I already feel ten times better. Fat meat eating Americans
    pick up some kale instead of a happy meal. 

  5. I don’t care what other people say about well done steak. That’s the way I
    like it and don’t see why other people feel like that’s such a wrong thing
    to like.

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