Learning To Cook Easy, Quick & Healthy: How-To Advice For LupusLife & Anyone Just Starting Out :)

How to learn to cook easy, quick & healthy: My tips and advice! @LupusLife recently posted about wantng to learn how to make good recipes, and this is my reply. Especially for those with debilitat…
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24 thoughts on “Learning To Cook Easy, Quick & Healthy: How-To Advice For LupusLife & Anyone Just Starting Out :)

  1. @refusestogiveup: Oh, man… I’m sorry. I relate. I hardly ever get to cook
    anymore — only on my decent days. It sucks so much! Yay for your son
    making you good foods though. Much love! XOXOX

  2. @makeway4thebigfish: Me and hubby send tons of love right back at you,
    angel! Please update me when you are able. You are always in my thoughts
    and prayers! <3

  3. Stressken drinks 7 cups of coffee in the morning, then has a sleep, then
    drinks more coffee. I have never heard of anyone doing this.

  4. @TUCKERZONE: I agree 100% re: YouTube videos! I am so in love with a
    handful of Channels on here! <3 Much love sweetie! XOXOX

  5. @refusestogiveup: Hey love! Naaawww you are so sweet! No, I don’t make them
    — I just pretty much Live in hoodies and the big fluffy black-and-white
    one is the hood to my extra thick double fleece coat (my favorite)! Much
    love! XOXOX

  6. Gorgeous, where have you been?? I miss you! I’m going to make a video soon,
    can’t wait to be a little more present here!!

  7. @JaedaBarbie: Good to see you sweetheart! <3 Thank you for commenting here.
    I am sorry you cannot cook much either. We are SO blessed to have hubbies
    who cook for us! Thank God for good hubbymen (and sons in
    @refusestogiveup's case)!

  8. @SellyNue: HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY angel! I’ve been really having a rough
    time recently. Working on fertility has been really hard on me. I’ve also
    been busy assisting on a few research projects and working more on my ED
    Awareness Channel. I know, I haven’t contributed much here. *shy* YAY I am
    SO EXCITED for you becoming more active again! I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!
    <3<3<3 I hope you are well, sweet sister spirit near and dear to my heart!

  9. @LupusLife: YAY, I am so glad you liked this and benefited from some of the
    content! *dances* Nah, everything always seems obvious once we are made
    aware of it. Believe me, I didn’t learn the tasting thing straight away
    either! We should TOTALLY do a cook book! Like everyone submit a dish or a
    few! I would be happy to put it all together if people want to share
    theirs! A video one (I can merge all the parts!) would be amazing! I will
    make a video asking the Community about it! Much love! <3

  10. I have a juicer, the organic beans, the slow cooker. But week after week I
    wont do it. I am attacked by reptitilans all day.

  11. Hi Leeze ;0) Hope all is well with you,theYou Tube is good for recipes from
    very fattening to slimming Veggies etc ;0)) Have a great week

  12. @makeway4thebigfish: GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAM!!!!! I am SO happy to see
    you, my treasured friend! How are you doing? You are in my thoughts and
    prayers every day. I am still so nostalgic for the YouNow days where I
    could see and talk to you daily. Have you gotten involved again there or
    elsewhere? Please let me know how you are! I LOVE YOU! XOXOX

  13. Fear drains are body and intestinal acids to even digest it. Undigested
    food can becomes poision to the body and can create tissue damage and

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