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14 thoughts on “Macrobiotic Cooking & Recipes : What is Macrobiotics Cooking?

  1. This sounds like my diet although I lean more towards vegetables and
    fruits. Tonight I’m going to have some veg rice with sweet potato, carrots,
    cukes, avocado and some chickpea miso soup with Kelp. Very macriobiotic ; D
    Breakfast was a Coconut, carob and banana shake. Best food in the world. 

  2. STOP LYING. Microwaves do NOT destroy nutrients but can actually help
    retain them. If macrobiotics is so against modern cooking methods, why do
    you recommend the use of pressure cookers for rice?

  3. This is actually based on 2 main components – 1 all foods are unprocessed
    and 2 the foods are neither too yin or too yang … nothing really to do
    with your age lol

  4. “For me I’m really healthy and young, so I can take more spice”… LOL…
    she almost said: “and for you no spice, because you are old”. Thanks for
    the info, is great!

  5. @MrLander1979 “The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial
    Solanum tuberosum of the Solanaceae family (also known as the
    nightshades).” heh.

  6. i agree with verda i was a little taken back by that comment and took it
    exactly the same way u did. What ever!!!

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