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16 thoughts on “Mango Cheesecake – No gelatin | vegetarian | No bake | short glass dessert with using Agar agar

  1. Very nice, tasty and easy to make Cheese Cake. I am wondering if you know
    how to make Instant Ras Malia from Ricotto Cheese.

  2. Hi this look so delicious and can’t wait to try. If you plzz tell me exact
    measurements for this recipe for 50 guest I would appreciate that as your
    link for the website for this recipe doesn’t work. Also what kind of shot
    glass you use for big group?? TIA

  3. They will so happy.. mam plz get control over your pathetic english before
    uploading the videos…
    and it is whipiing not weeping cream..
    pathetic..waste of time watching your video..

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