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24 thoughts on “Mushroom Masala – Indian Recipe Under 20 mins

  1. The way u pronounced ‘tamaeto’ puree, I’m sure u r a Telugu girl 😉 Btw,
    it’s an amazing recipe, will cook this tonight!

  2. Thanks for sharing Mashroom Recipe…I try many time to cook Mashroom (tin
    pack) it is not a white colour look like gray colour.when iam cooking its
    hard not a soft what iam asking to you frist we have to boil.. or not
    kindly reply me iam living in Saudi Arabia

  3. It doesn’t have mustard seeds in the ingredients list 🙁 I bought all the
    ingredients except mustard seed :(

  4. And also amazing video. I have some mushrooms in the fridge and was looking
    out for a good recipe. Glad i came across your video. Will be trying it
    today :)

  5. I was looking for a mushroom recipe and YouTube suggested this
    recipe..before this link didn’t see any of your recipes… So wasn’t sure
    but when l prepared this mushroom following your recipe it was out of this
    world !! My hubby was head over heals and it tasted better than chicken
    masala… Thanks for sharing dear… I did subscribe to your channel..

  6. Shradha Lokhande April 29, 2015 at 4:42 pm - Reply

    hii sruthi this is shradha frm khopoli city. i hd seen ur mushroom recipe n
    also had prepared the same. It tasted just awesome. Thanks dear fr sharing
    such a fine n delicious recipe with us. hope u share more beautifully n
    tasty recipes withus.

  7. Really nice. Pouring of butter and garlic clove after preparation of
    mushroom is very unique style. I will definitely try it. Thanks

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