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18 thoughts on “Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy – 10 Tips to Feel Better

  1. Hi Doctor, I am not pregnant but I always have and feel nausea 1 or 2 weeks
    before my period especially when I am late. Is this normal? I can’t do
    anything or work and just lay in bed taking a deep breath every 5 or 10
    mins. With a cup of hot ginger tea. It goes away for a little bit but it
    comes back. This is killing me. Please help!

  2. Hello doctor i m swati 29 yrs m having pain in my tummy around navel from
    last 1yr i have getmy all test done eveything is normal i had lots of
    medicine also now i m pregnant also but my pain is same like before plz
    help me what to do constantly pain is goin on sum tm more sum tm less sum
    tm i feel very bad b’coz of this pain suggest me sumthing

  3. Great Tips. But tips #8, #9, .What about using BioBands instead? They’re
    drug-free and stop nausea quickly.

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  5. oh!?, so?.. I’m not pregnant I am nervousing that I think im pregnant!? I’m
    in just 11 years old! but its really helpfull thankx

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