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25 thoughts on “Neil Perry tells how to cook the perfect steak

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  2. “That’s steak in it’s natural state…” (*COUGH* absolutely covered in salt
    and olive oil). Looks bloody delicious, though! 🙂

  3. @Zarathustra06 My uncle owns an industrial scale sous vide factory so i
    know quiet a bit about sous vide. I admit, i’ve never sous vide a steak
    before. What tempreature do you do it at and how long for? Any other
    details such as cut and thickness of steak?

  4. Rest it for 5-10 min and serve. But you need to keep the meat warm well it
    rests. The best way like he said is to turn your oven down to “warm”, or if
    you are grilling it put it on a upper rack off the heat. Or if you want
    take it out of the oven or off the grill and put a single layer of tin foil
    over the meat while it rests. Hope that helps.

  5. niel perry ,is an apsolute master of his craft and 4 simple way to grill a
    steak there is no easy task… but not so simple 4 us mere mortals to
    actualy do it…bravo maestro…

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