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25 thoughts on “Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink Recipes : Egg Nog for One Recipe

  1. Everyone’s being so damn complaining about eating raw eggs. You fckin ate
    half cooked meat how is that fine? Meat contains wayy more bacteria than
    other food. Stupid.

  2. Apparently you’re uneducated because you don’t die from consuming raw
    egg…Health freaks do it all the time

  3. The comment about using brown sugar as opposed to regular sugar for its
    healthiness is absolutely hilarious. Brown sugar is regular sugar it just
    has a powdered molasses mixed into it that’s why it’s brown. That’s what
    brown sugar is sugar with molasses

  4. @nicktimseamus Salmonella is a bacteria, not a disease. The bacteria can
    cause illnesses like typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and the foodborne

  5. @JB122576 now lok here yu fcking frzby i dont like ou!!!! stay tye frak
    away dont touch me thr yr penis is smlr than min ok!?

  6. i made it just right but it is milky and not as thick but mabey you could
    reduce the milk to make it thicker

  7. @caohorse cooking to a hi temperature can kill salmonella but extreme cold
    like shaking with ice can kill germs and bacteria too just saying i would
    like to add that i am not a doctor but cold and hot can both kill germs
    just saying

  8. I searched good holiday drinks and the first thing i see is NON
    ALCOHOLIC…not sure about your holidays…but mine require mass quantities
    of booze

  9. xSpeakForYourself April 24, 2015 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    Do u all know athletes chug down raw eggs mixed w smtg to give them energy
    lol so stop complaining gdm they’re perfectly fine and fit

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