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25 thoughts on “Non-Expert Advice: Catrific’s Intro Interview

  1. How can i not be socially awkward..? I never really know what to say to
    people and i only ever act my proper self around my dog and my best
    friend.. Any non expert advice?

  2. ok i know that the Q is for Cat but ive been in ur same situation haha ๐Ÿ˜› i
    told him and like it got all arkward between us for ages haha eventually we
    were alright but if i ever talk about he acts all weird plus ive known him
    fro too long so it wouldnt work haha if you’ve known him for 10 years it
    may cause complications cause you guys would probs know everything bout
    each other ๐Ÿ˜› but up too u i gess just giving u some info that may help ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. So, I like this guy that I’ve known for about 10 years, and we’re really
    great friends and we hang out, but I’m not sure if he likes me like I like
    him, and i’m afraid to tell him because I don’t want to mess up our
    friendship… Any advice?

  4. how am i going to be able to get my boyfriend to hug me more we have been
    dating for to weeks and the only reason he hugged me once was because my
    friends pushed him to how can i get him to hug me more

  5. well could you answer my question please this girl that goes to my school
    likes me but loves someone else and she has kissed me b4 but she still wont
    break up with him even tho she says he is too clingy i feel like im
    smacking my head against a brick wall please help???

  6. Hey Cat, so there is a girl I like and she is very pretty popular. And I
    can’t really get the chance talk to her and ask her out or even get to know
    her. I feel like i’ve tried everything. From partnering myself with her for
    school project waving “hi” in the halls. But so such luck. Advice? –

  7. i Need HELP PLEASE just the other day got caught cheating on a test and now
    my tummy feels like and exploding bomb.. i’m so scared my mom will find out
    i don’t talk to her anymore..Help

  8. how do i get my parents to be okay with the fact that my best friend is a
    guy and im NOT attracted to him as anything more then a friend?

  9. i need advice about likeing a guyfriend! we arent extreamly close but i
    like him and i get people saying you 2 should go out then i want to be like
    oh ya and stuff but i dont! then i think he likes this one girl and i want
    to try to be suportive and stuff but i hate it when he talks to her i just
    need help with likeing guyfriends!

  10. ultimatebeachlover April 25, 2015 at 8:49 am - Reply

    Ok so I need some advice. My friend has liked this guy forever and now
    theyre finally going out. But ever since they started going out my friend
    has been acting really nasty and has been snapping at everyone and just
    hasn’t been herself. Im really getting sick of her so should I confront her
    about it, try to ignore it or just try to avoid her until it stops?

  11. Well, I feel like I always have to hide the things I like around my parents
    because they always criticize those same things on other people. I just
    feel like they’d try to change me or something. My mom has even told me she
    would pay me to dye my hair lighter (it’s black). I just hate hiding who I
    am at home where I should be most comfortable. What should I do? :

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