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25 thoughts on “Non-Expert Advice – My Friend is Dating an Older Guy!

  1. Something to keep in mind… dating does not equal “sex”. People can (and
    do) date without having sex. So let people date whoever they like.

  2. I have these group of friends who are kind of my “clique” and recently ive
    been hanging out with a new friend that i really seemed to like and the
    only reason why i have gotten so close to this girl is because she has
    invited me and them to go places but im the only one who is allowed and
    ends up going so i talk to her alot and i feel as if my friends dont like
    it and they wont admit it when i try and talk to them about the situation l
    and i feel awkward what should i do?

  3. sorry, but those people are not your friends. You can find new friends in
    home schooling groups or clubs. People who spread rumors aren’t good to
    have around, block them on facebook and block their number.

  4. hey cat, i have this friend, she’s one of my best friends but me and her
    are completely different people and im okay with that, but when both of us
    are with our other friends, they all seem to like her more, and they all
    seem to always wanna talk to her and tell her more stuff than they tell me,
    so i sometimes try and change and kinda act like she does, but idk if thats
    the right thing to do, and i just dont know what do about it, do i just
    stay as i am even though people dont like me as much?

  5. Hey cat, so I like this girl, but she’s changed, and I think I’m in love
    with the old her, if that makes any sense,i need some advice.

  6. Catrific sometimes you can’t tell them what you feel. Not because you don’t
    want to, but because they don’t want to hear it.

  7. hey Cat!!! my older sister is pregnant which should b good but she’s 19
    years old, has no education past high school, no job, doesn’t kno how 2
    drive, is extremely tempermental, living with someone just as tempermental
    as she is & the cherry on top is the father is in his thirties. he also
    doesn’t plan on taking any real responcebility 4 the baby. i want 2 b happy
    4 her but i just cant. what should i do? o.O

  8. help my best friend is dateing my crush but i liked him first and i cant
    talk to my friend because i told her i was fine with it but im not

  9. So I know lots of people have problems with crushes and stuff, but I have a
    real problem here. I think my friend might be cutting herself. I’m really
    scared, and I can’t tell her parents, because they’re psychotic. And my
    parents can’t talk to them, because my parents don’t know her parents. I’m
    really scared for her, so what should I do???? Please help. I’m scared

  10. You should tell them, if you can’t saying anything nice, don’t say anything
    at all. ‘:)….Because if someone is honest, but is mean, they’re just
    jerks. 🙂

  11. you know my advice (i went through the exact same thing) i say, tell the so
    called ‘friends’ of yours to cut it out, and if they dont, find new
    friends. sounds really tough, i know, but what their doing is so not right.
    find some fellow homeschools nd become friends. I bet you that you will
    find better friends there. 🙂 (my best friend is a homeschooler and we
    havent said one bad thing about each oter for 5 years)

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