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12 thoughts on “Saffron Flavored Pumpkin Soup Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 155

  1. I love soups but I have never seen a pumpkin soup before! I am going to be
    making soups this winter I might want to try this one! very unique! looks
    very delicious!

  2. @zaalouk this soup is versatile. If you can totally skip the milk and just
    mix the vegetables with their own broth. My version is more like a ‘cream
    of pumpkin’, it’s very cream but not that unhealthy. I am using fat free
    milk, and no cream, so it should be ok with the calories 🙂

  3. @qcdon30 I’d look up if you can cook with almond milk the same way as soy
    or almond milk, they all kinda differ but I bet it would taste nice! 😀

  4. I make this soup using chicken or vegetable ‘bouillon’ and adding some
    whipped cream or crème fraiche in the end,…seems a bit lighter . Your
    recipe seems yummy but quite heavy wthl the milk and the bechamel sauce
    that you make as a base for the soup!

  5. wouldn’t it be easier to cut the gourd in half, scoop out the seeds and
    bake it,then scoop out the meat from the skin? it looked like you were
    going to cut off a thumb.

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