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25 thoughts on “Smoothie Recipe ♥ Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair

  1. Samantha Kesrilall April 28, 2015 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    Hi, does this help to also lose weight? I tried it and it taste lovely. If
    anyone knows please feel free to comment. 

  2. This smooth is really amazing! I’ve been drinking for two days, and my skin
    is glowing like never before! Also the pimples, white and black spots are
    gone! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  3. I am using Nutri Ninja Auto IQ, it is great product, easy to clean with a
    press of a button to automatically blend within 1 minute

  4. Wow u r so informative and cute and sweet and just overall intelligent!
    Keep up the vids, I really want to try this smoothie, for my new diet in
    2015, sounds really delicious! 

  5. so now when I defecate this smoothie, will it also help smooth the skin
    around my rim? cuz I’ve been farting a lot and it kinda burns :(

  6. I love my nutribullet! The sweet taste of the fruit totally masks the
    bitter taste of raw greens like kail so it tastes great but still lets me
    get a bunch of raw greens in there :)

  7. I just attempted to make this smoothie. this is the problems I encountered:
    1- It was the most disgusting drink I ever tasted (Must have made it wrong).
    2- it made a mess of my kitchen.
    3- It wasted a lot of time.
    4- It was expensive.
    5- I set my smoothie machine on fire.
    all in all it was not a good experience. 

  8. If you live in England, you can buy a nutribullet at Argos for £99,99.
    Quite expensive compared to North America. I got mine yesterday and I think
    it was totally worth it. :)

  9. Hi Annie 🙂 yes I’m gonna be posting this comment on different Videos
    because I really want her to see it please help me .. YOU really inspired
    me to lose weight and I just uploaded my how to lose weight Video 🙂 I
    mentioned you in my Video and lets hope youll check it out 🙂 THANKS FOR

  10. Hey I was wondering is that all you eat or drink in the morning or do you
    eat something else with it? By the way loved the video :)

  11. Mina - ofbeautymatters April 29, 2015 at 4:48 am - Reply

    Just started adding ginger to my morning green juice. I can definitely see
    the difference it makes. Thank you Annie <3

  12. Excuse me does anyone know if this aids in weight loss? I do NOT want to
    lose weight at all but thought of trying this, so please help! 🙁 

  13. Just used my nutribullet. I put too much kale and spinach in it. So I have
    to chew some 🙂 still taste yummy though

  14. You are gorgeous! Love this recipe, I’ll have to try it out 🙂
    Check out my green smoothie if you want, Im obsessed with it :)

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