State Of Decay How To Recruit Expert Survivors | Tools Expert, Pro Medic, Farmer & More! (HD)

A guide showing you where to find expert survivors and how to recruit them to your camp. Experts such as tools experts, medic experts, expert farmers and more are needed to upgrade your base…

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25 thoughts on “State Of Decay How To Recruit Expert Survivors | Tools Expert, Pro Medic, Farmer & More! (HD)

  1. all my survivors are useful when it comes to surviving. i havent lost
    anyone. i do not know why you think they are useless. learn how to play and
    you would not lose anyone.

  2. Playing breakdown right now for close to over 20 hours now, and still
    haven’t recruited a medical expert! But found 1 cook/farmer, 3 researchers,
    3 construction people and 2 people with the power house ability. Some of
    them have leadership ad counseling. The rest are useless with bum knees or
    asthma. Not even a nimble person! Ugh! The latest enclave is up at mount
    Tanner and my base is at Snyder’s. I want a medic and hope one will spawn,
    but I’m getting a bit bored now. Just going to focus on the rescuer
    achievement and unlock the rest of the lvl 1 heros. The other survivors
    will have to fend for themselves.

  3. TheLizardMan Creature April 25, 2015 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    What was funny though is when i was playing breakdown i moved on to level 5
    and recruited maya but i spawned near the (forgot the house but it has a
    broken bridge) so i had to go all the way to the house and recruit her but
    my guy was killed by a feral when i was so close to my base (RV,no cars for
    miles) then my other guy died but thankfully we found a house and new
    survivors (finally the game cuts me a break with survivors and materials)
    but now i don’t have maya on my team but i have her unlocked….

  4. I tried this every one i get is stupid iv tried like 20 times still nothing
    only tools experts and farmers but i want a dojo trainer 

  5. This video is pretty helpful, but I wouldn’t have killed garet or wagt ever
    his name is, he’d just be another defender when the hordes hit.

  6. What is the song playing at the start of the video?? 😛 would really love
    to hear the whole song is why I ask

  7. Your vids have been very helpful to me. Thank you very much. 🙂
    Now it’s time for me to go snackrifice my useless survivors.. Toodaloo.

  8. lol why is your moral at 1?

    you say having better survivors make stronger camp and yet you murder other
    people.. no wonder your moral stay at 1.

    I have a lot of useless survivors where I save all them from large hordes
    and I’m pretty proud of it.

    My moral always stay at 100 unless an infestation pop out.

    I also have outpost to secure around my base to prevent hordes and

  9. i think this game perfect is ever ı see..but not continue always..because
    resources is not enough and always zombies offence…my kind of
    course…first im downloadıng and i dont like it…SAME listen to 1989
    SLAYER REIGN IN BLOOD BAND:) and next İ love)))…second downloadıng x box
    controlled ım doomed..cause ı cant open the RADIO channel… third ı
    dont know what can ı do? 

  10. I think that the game is pretty messed up becayse i have 16 survivors, two
    of which experts and the others are just some lazyasses waiting for a
    single guy to bring the food 🙁

  11. Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamer April 26, 2015 at 7:03 am - Reply

    Lily says there’s no one out there and do I have to live next to them for
    them to join me

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