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3 thoughts on “Steak au Poivre Recipe [DAY 100]

  1. Ruta while this is a huge undertaking, it’s a lot of food you have to cook.
    But this Steak au Poivre recipe looked pretty darn good, so I subscribed to
    your channel. I don’t think it’s wrong to cook unique medium rare, that’s
    the way I like it. But to each his own. Nice job!

  2. You do deserve a medal Ruta. Congratulations on your 100th episode & lovely
    recipe! Hubby & I are like you as we prefer meat closer to well done. Maybe
    next time you have spicy food try a spoon full of yoghurt or sour
    cream instead of water. It may cool your mouth a little quicker 😀 Thank
    you Ruta 🙂 

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